ProviderTrust's healthcare software solutions help companies across the nation stay compliant with the OIG exclusion list. A pioneer in healthcare software, ProviderTrust desires to help our clients reach 100% compliance with ease. (Learn more about ProviderTrust software and features.)

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We want to enable our clients to be compliant with the HHS and OIG exclusion lists for both employees and vendors.  The ProviderTrust SaaS (Software as a Service) system automates the exclusion list search process for our clients, providing only confirmed matches for excluded parties.

In addition, the ProviderTrust credentialing software includes verification of medical licenses and has the capability to track required licenses and certifications specific to your organization.

Hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, staffing agencies and individuals utilize our technology to implement the most efficient and productive way of maintaining, managing and tracking professional credentials and licensure documentation.

Our on-going solution tracks this information and delivers alerts to any change in a professional’s status. ProviderTrust helps facilities stay in compliance with regulations and maintain trust in their providers and staff caring for patients.

ProviderTrust solves a range of compliance issues within healthcare today:

  • Provide HHS and OIG exclusion list checks for all employees and vendors reporting only when a possible name match has been confirmed to your employee or vendor
  • Deliver a consistent, automated process of verifying and monitoring the credentials of nurses, allied health professionals, technicians and staff
  • Alert appropriate personnel, including each provider, of expiring, missing, or expired required licenses and certifications– ensuring that the properly qualified people are on the floor providing care.