Mission & Core Values


ProviderTrust is committed to providing healthcare providers and organizations with innovative technology to manage, store and verify crucial healthcare information. The goal is to make information easily accessible, portable, and to monitor its veracity for on-boarding, retrieval, analytics and compliance. Use of the technology will allow providers to concentrate on providing quality care and organizations to monitor and update healthcare information- thereby ensuring a qualified and trusted staff providing quality services. 

Core Values

Tell the truth and do what is good - 
Doing what is good & right -- rather than what is acceptable -- is essential to build trust with clients and each other. We follow through on commitments, keep our promises, and live our core values. Principle is first, and expediency at the expense of principle is not acceptable.

Be adventurous, creative and open-minded - 
We work to the principle: ”Simplify the workload of our client and provide efficient tools to make their job easier.”  It is our job to demonstrate our critical thinking, problem-solving and innovations in a pro-active and timely manner. Embrace adventure, change and new ways to do things better, more efficiently, more creatively and with ease. We believe the best way to accomplish this it is a two-way communication between our team and our clients -- be aware that some of the best ideas come from the valued clients who use our technology to do their every day.

Be the hustle you desire - 
There is no substitute for hard work and hustle. Therefore, always put forth additional effort to ensure we all  honor commitments and exceed expectations. We strive to “Wow” our teammates, our clients and other stakeholders.

Help others grow and succeed - 
Nobody wins alone. We are a team. Developing talent is an ongoing journey with real-time feedback focused on setting people up to succeed. We develop enthusiasm in others to achieve important goals. We understand our strengths and weaknesses, and want to honor both; yet, we start from strengths, and have a desire to take on more responsibility and grow. We create paths to help all of us succeed and grow.

Build open and honest relationships - 
Relationship is the response a person makes to another human being and as humans we desire to know and be known by those we work with on a daily basis. At ProviderTrust, we desire to be in authentic relationship with those around us. Therefore, we make an effort to be open and honest with our communication, while being respectful to each other at the same time. 

Do more with less -
Our flexibility and technology enables us to accomplish more with fewer resources. We approach situations with the desire to find the answer and the creativity to see new ways of achieving the right outcome. We believe opportunities are abundant everywhere and often overlooked by others. Everyone is encouraged to be part of our effective and efficient operations by continually looking for ways to improve processes, and staying focused on our individual and team goals.