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healthcare license verification

Easy-to-use Healthcare License Verificat​ion

Be confident every employee has all current required healthcare licenses. ProviderTrust offers healthcare license verification at the primary source for your employees and providers. 

Why ProviderTrust License Verification Service Is Better.

  • Primary Source Verification
  • Expiring License Notification
  • Track Impaired Licenses

Primary Source Verification

All state board issued healthcare licenses entered into the ProviderTrust system will be verified manually upon entry into the ProviderTrust system.

In practice, a state board issued license must be verifiable on the state board website (primary source).

A member of the ProviderTrust team visits the primary source site for each healthcare license in the system and re-verifies when a license is renewed.

Primary sources:

  • All states
  • All licensing authorities

Expiring License Notification

Designated client representatives will be notified via email when a healthcare license is expiring (based on client requested schedule) and upon verification a license previously current and held by an employee or provider has been allowed to lapse.

license verification

Track Impaired Licenses

Through the ProviderTrust monitoring system, licenses verified with impaired status are indicated by a ‘yellow’ status. Some examples of impaired status for a healthcare license include probation, restriction, etc.

The ProviderTrust system allows our clients to track employees and providers are practicing with impaired licenses.

Clients can create plans to work with those employees to monitor their progress in getting healthcare licenses returned to an active/valid/cleared status.

license verification

Three easy steps to healthcare license verification:

  • When a license is entered into the system, we primary source verify the license.
  • As the license is approaching expiration, our team manually verifies the license at 15, 5, -1, -15, -30, -60 days to ensure that it is renewed and not expired.
  • We monitor the license by monitoring the individual for sanctions across all 50 states. If we find a sanction that could impact the license, we do a license re-verification to ensure that the license is still active and in good standing.

healthcare license verification

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healthcare license verification

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