3 Benefits of Healthcare Compliance Software

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There are a multitude of healthcare compliance solutions out there that come in the form of healthcare compliance software.

“Healthcare providers face unprecedented amounts of pressure to reduce costs while still improving the quality of care – all in the face of increased government regulation oversight.” – WallerLaw

The quality of care is imperative to the success of any healthcare organization, well really any organization, but the costs should not have to play a factor or, really, become an inhibitor. Outsourcing can make that inhibitor become more like a helping hand because utilizing technology really pays off in the long run.

Here are 3 benefits to outsourcing healthcare services like OIG exclusion monitoring:

Cost Benefits:

Outsourcing part of your compliance program to a healthcare compliance software company is beneficial in the long run. The benefits outweigh the costs. By this I mean there are a substantial amount of risks involved when it comes to hiring or finding an excluded individual in your staff, employees or vendors. This is a to be treated like a full-time job. Instead of paying the OIG an egregious amount of civil monetary fines you could be paying a guaranteed vendor to do the job for you and your company.

Increased Efficiency:

The process of on-going exclusion checks is a full-time job that requires time and accuracy. Healthcare companies that choose to outsource management of the monthly exclusion checks to companies that utilize technology now have a higher access to efficiency and productivity within their company. The outsourced companies use reliable technology that can monitor the data more accurately and efficiently. The potential efficiency gives your company the freedom to focus your energy elsewhere. You can go on with your work free of worry. Healthcare companies that choose to outsource management of monitoring monthly exclusion checks usually have access to a higher degree of efficiency and expertise than they would have if they relied on in-house staff.

Enhanced Focus:

Like stated earlier, outsourcing or utilizing the technological advances out there gives you and your company the freedom to focus your energy on areas that would have previously been neglected, naturally increasing productivity.

In order to succeed in today’s healthcare environment, healthcare organizations of all sizes are increasingly relying upon leveraging expertise from third party vendors, consultants and services to save costs, gain efficiency and focus. So you are not the only ones thinking about outsourcing, if you haven’t already.

Note: The responsibility for ensuring your organization is not billing CMS nor being reimbursed from federal healthcare program services remains with the healthcare organization that employs or contracts with the excluded or debarred individual or entity. The civil and monetary fines and penalties assessed are against the healthcare organization that contracts with the excluded entity. It is your responsibility to monitor for an excluded entity. 

Written By: Michael Rosen, Co-Founder of ProviderTrust

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