A Virtual Celebration in 2020

employees at Thanksgiving table in ProviderTrust cafe

Thanksgiving at ProviderTrust is always an extravaganza and is beloved by all who have participated. Everyone brings a dish to share and we build as long of a table as possible to sit and break bread together. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share your favorite family dish amongst your colleagues and to create new memories alongside it. We’ve even had our very own banjo player to serenade the opening minutes.

2020 has obviously not gone as planned, and while we cannot celebrate in person, we still have a lot to be thankful for. During 2020, the ProviderTrust team has celebrated many birthdays, weddings, new hires, and accomplishments–we even had a baby born the night Nashville was hit by a tornado (she is thriving!). So this year, we break our bread in the safety of our homes and look back fondly on the memories we’ve made in the past, and the memories we will make in the future.

We asked our ProviderTrust family to share some of their favorite memories from PT Thanksgivings past. Here's what they had to say.

Our first PT thanksgiving was my favorite. It was kind of impromptu, but little did we know we created a tradition that would follow for years to come! It was just 7 or 8 of us sitting around on our old couches…back when we were in one room all together. It was a fun way to bring our own traditions together and get to know our teammates a little more personally.

My first year at PT, I had only been with the company for 2 months and my letter was handwritten by Mike Rosen. I was so impressed that one of the co-founders not only wrote me a note but knew me enough to write an encouraging letter. Also, have loved decorating the office for this event. So much fun!

My first PT thanksgiving was very special. I was welcomed in to PT in 2014 and we just filled one table. Meant the world to me that in the chaos of trying to find a career after college, I was believed in and trusted to help this company grow. I’ll never forget it!

Last year was very special – I always love seeing everyone show up and proud of their dish. Because all of us are from all over this country (and other countries!) you get to taste their style of (insert delicious thanksgiving food here). The thank you cards are always a sweet gesture. I’m always excited to see who wrote mine!

I loved it when the whole team was able to sit at 1 long table. I think this was 3 years ago in the old Marketing / Nashville SC space. Just feeling nostalgic about being around one another 🙂

My first Thanksgiving at PT was in the old office and it felt so fun and intimate. I loved getting to sit with new people that I didn’t know very well and getting to catch up. Also any time we can all bring a dish and hear about other people’s traditions feels so special.

My first PT thanksgiving was my favorite memory. It’s cool to see everyone sit around the table and each a delicious lunch together. People actually wanting to be apart of the celebration.

ALL OF THEM. I’ve been fortunate to have participated in PT’s Thanksgivings from the beginning. The very first one is hard to beat because we were so small, didn’t even have a table! But also, Blake serenading us with his banjo – and always the Thank you cards!

I’ve only had one PTgiving, but it was awesome. The spread of food at the potluck was incredible, and then the outpouring of appreciation

In 2019, our remote team held their own Thanksgiving celebration.

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