Celebrating Earth Day

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This Earth Day, we interviewed our very own Mary Moore. Mary is one of our resident Data Operations Analysts, a singer-songwriter, and dog-sitter. Among the many things she does, she also advocates for environmental awareness. We took the time to sit down with Mary to ask her what Earth Day means to her and how we can all be more environmentally conscious in 2021.

Tell us about yourself and what you do for ProviderTrust.

My name is Mary Moore and I work on the data and monitoring team overseeing our exclusion monitoring operations! My day to day consist of reviewing matched exclusions, updating exclusion information, and helping communicate results and monitoring processes to other internal teams! I have been at PT for 3 and ½ years and PT has become such a community for me!

What does smarter and safer healthcare mean to you?

I get to work in the weeds of our data and operations so I get to see our smart data and robust process in action! Every interesting find we make, I get to review it before it gets to clients, so I always get to see how no one else would’ve been able to confidently match something like we can! It’s really exciting! So to me, smarter and safer healthcare is that dopamine rush of excitement when we find something no one else would’ve been able to – and knowing that bad actors won’t be working with vulnerable patients, and we got to help in getting those providers off the floor.

What does Earth Day mean to you?

EARTH DAY IS THE BEST DAY! I love Earth Day – Earth Day is a huge advocacy day, where we get to think about what mother nature gives to us, and also think about how our actions affect the rest of the world. I love seeing people post photos, anecdotes, and stories about why they love our planet. It’s a day where people pay a little more attention to their actions!!

What is an experience you’ve had that has changed the way you think about the earth and environment?

I used to passionately be what us environmentalists call a “Deep Ecologist” – which means you care about the planet, without regard to its value for humanity. You want the tree to grow because the tree should be able to grow, not because the tree will give oxygen into the atmosphere so humans can continue existing. I was not an environmentalist interested in saving the human species.

But then, I worked at a non-profit in DC called Rare, and their mission was intertwining people and sustainability. I realized working at Rare – people aren’t going anywhere, and if we are actually going to preserve ecosystems and nature, we HAVE to work together for each other. It completely changed how I viewed what was important.

One of the projects we worked on was setting up sustainable fishing practices in villages in Africa and South America that relied on fishing as their main food source and income. These reefs were getting overfished and the ecosystems were deteriorating – pretty soon there would be no more fish to catch which is detrimental for the community and the oceans. Rare came in with all of these long-term steps to protect fishing populations that helped preserve the reefs and fishing practices – it benefited the ecosystem and the long term success of the community. Watching this story play out was extremely powerful to me because it was a great example of how the earth and people both could benefit from changing and caring.

What advice would you give people looking to give back to their community this Earth Day?

So many things to choose from! Here are a few:

  • Try a vegetarian meal – you don’t actually like the “taste” of chicken – you like the seasoning of chicken!! Trust me, raw chicken with no seasoning on it is NOT GOOD. So season some veggies, beans, tofu, etc. and voil! Here is one of my favorite recipes: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (with honey and lime). 
  • Go out and enjoy nature sans earbuds or other distractions. Go on a nice walk where it’s just you soaking in all earth has to offer you! Listen to her, feel the sun on your skin, look at how pretty she is. 
  • Start a compost bin!
  • Volunteer with a “food rescue” charity – like Second Harvest in Nashville!

Are there any resources you’d share with people looking to support environmental change & betterment?

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