Compliance Training: Look at the Outcomes!

Compliance Training: Look at the Outcomes!


How do you create your training plan?

So as you consider what your training calendar is going to look like for 2017 take a step back and really look at your outcomes to help guide you in preparing your calendar.  Of course, you have to include any State or Federal required training based on your industry.  You would also include fraud, waste and abuse training, likely resident/patient rights, abuse and neglect training too.  But what areas are your outcomes telling you need some extra attention this year?

Focus on the Outcomes

Have you seen an increase in infections?  Or do you think your nurse managers need more supervisory training?  Remember, effective training means you should train not only what is required by your industry but also based on your outcomes.  It is also important to remember each role within the organization might need slightly different training.  Make sure the training is appropriate for their role and needs.

Some training sessions are generic enough and appropriate for all staff but when you start creating your clinical training the type of training a nurse requires vs. a nursing assistant can be quite different.

Leave Space

Another important thing to remember as you are preparing your 2017 calendar is to leave some open slots or be prepared to go over your training budget.  An important component of an effective training plan is providing training based on changing outcomes.  So let’s say in January you have an outbreak of influenza, do you need to do a quick handwashing in-service?  If you didn’t leave a little wiggle room in your training schedule you will quickly see your training costs go up as you add newly identified training.

Always remember, to include federal/state required training, CMS, OIG recommended areas of training and perhaps most importantly, training that is predicated on current outcomes within your health center.

Happy Training!

Authored by Donna Thiel:


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