COVID-19: Connecting PPE to Healthcare Providers on the VendorProof Marketplace

Covid-19 Response for VendorProof

One thing has been undeniable as healthcare has responded to COVID-19—the willingness to help. Businesses that have not traditionally worked within the healthcare industry are now shifting their efforts to help meet the demand for vital equipment and supplies. 

Ford is using airbag material to make reusable gowns and New Balance is manufacturing masks. These companies have all of the resources needed to make a dent in the demand for this equipment, but we aren’t just seeing this from large organizations. Healthcare is local and small businesses are stepping up in a big way. Small businesses like Corsair Distillery here in Nashville are making and shipping hand sanitizer to local hospitals.

People are doing all they can to fight the spread of the virus and we were inspired. We had already moved to offer no-cost license verifications of clinicians across the country, but we felt like we could do more. So we looked again at our tools and products. 

The VendorProof Marketplace

A feature of our VendorProof product, the Marketplace, already had a public directory of more than 2,500 businesses and was connected to thousands more behind the scenes. We realized we could help connect organizations in need of PPE with those that have supplies available. 

As the situation in New Orleans worsened, we started receiving calls from local businesses wanting to send pandemic supplies to our client, Ochsner Health System. Typically only vendors with an active supply chain relationship to our health system clients are able to enroll in VendorProof and appear in the Marketplace. But with some quick action from our product team, we were able to open up to any business wanting to help. 

If your business has PPE or other high-demand supplies to sell or donate, and you’d like to enroll in the VendorProof Marketplace, please visit the sign-up page or call our team at 844-873-7877.

In recent days, our team has reached out to thousands of healthcare vendors in our VendorProof platform to answer the call. These vendors are updating their profiles daily with information about available PPE, including, face shields and masks. These vendors can now be easily found within the VendorProof Marketplace. 

The VendorProof Marketplace is an easily searchable directory of compliant vendors that have been screened for OIG exclusions on both an organization and ownership level. These vendors cover the entire spectrum of healthcare needs, from transportation and catering to essential medical supplies and surgical instruments.

“How do I find vendors with PPE?”

  • Go to, in the “Category” field, type or select “COVID-19,” “PPE,” or “PPE-homemade.” 
  • Click on a vendor’s tile to find contact information and learn more about what they have available.

“I have PPE. How do I get my business on the Marketplace?”

Please visit our sign up page or call our team at 844-873-7877. We’ll be happy to get you set up. It should only take about 10 minutes and there’s no cost to you. 

VendorProof is healthcare’s most effective vendor onboarding and compliance monitoring solution and is trusted by some of the nation’s largest health systems. It allows organizations to onboard, manage, and monitor entire vendor networks on an ongoing basis.

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