Workshop Replay: Did you update your Compliance Plan for 2017?

Workshop Replay: Did you update your Compliance Plan for 2017?

First, take a look at your metrics from 2016 and identify those areas where you may have missed the benchmark.  Did you audit these processes or were you just monitoring the metric?  Either way, consider revising your audit or introducing a new audit for this year to help determine what specific area is causing you to miss your benchmark.

Another area to review are any changes made to your compliance policies or procedures.  If you have made any changes, you may need to update your Compliance Plan to more accurately reflect the current state of the Compliance Program.

Next, spend some time with your leadership team to make sure you are up to speed on the priorities for 2017.  Once you have this information you can determine whether or not there is anything that needs to be audited or monitored for possible new compliance risks to the organization.

Don’t forget to meet with the Compliance Committee to review your 2016 outcomes and discuss ways to improve, new ways to audit and/or monitor.  You will also want to gather new risk areas from this group and incorporate that into your Compliance Plan as well.

Click the blue link below to view our 45-minute workshop,
Prioritizing Your 2017 Compliance Plan and Implementation

Workshop Description
This is the time for New Year’s’ Resolutions and compliance resolutions!  This workshop will focus on ensuring that your compliance plan is effective and highlight some key items you should be considering given recent OIG and CMS guidance.

Written by Donna Thiel
Compliance Integrity Division, DirectorDonna.png

Donna Thiel is the Director of our Compliance Integrity team, a consulting division of ProviderTrust. Donna works with compliance officers across the country to help reduce the stress and anxiety of this very difficult role. Donna assists Compliance Officers by providing consulting services in areas such as strengthening compliance programs, managing government investigations, implementing and managing a Corporate Integrity Agreement and preparing for the various regulatory changes that impact healthcare providers. Donna has been in the post-acute healthcare setting for over 30 years. The last 14 years were spent in the legal/compliance area. Prior to her legal/compliance experience she held a variety of positions in the clinical, operations and IT areas as well.

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