Merry & Bright: A Year of Amazing Customers, Like You!

Merry & Bright: A Year of Amazing Customers, Like You!

At ProviderTrust, we have an open office, which means you can usually hear side conversations, people singing quietly (or very loudly!) to their music, the coffee bean grinder roaring, and of course, phone calls with our beloved customers.

The latter, overhearing customer calls, is often times the most enjoyable. It never fails that you hear the Client Success rep bursting out in random laughter, sharing funny stories, or talking to a customer like they’re lifelong friends.

Since we haven’t met most of our customers face-to-face, we are extremely grateful for the depth of relationships we have built with them. After spending so much time working with them in order to help make a difference holistically in their organization’s compliance plan – these great relationships become inevitable.

Being on the Client Success team, in a role where you get to make people’s days for a living, it is surprising how many times our customers actually go out of their way to make our days. We are constantly taken aback by how many of our customers share pieces of their lives with us, thank us for the smallest bit of help, or even send us small homemade gifts in the mail. (We once received wonderful matching scarves!)

It’s amazing to not only get to work alongside a group of customers like this, but it’s incredibly rewarding to watch them begin to teach their employees about best practices with compliance. We love seeing the hard work they put in to make sure they are keeping their company or patient is safe.

The drive to help our clients will always be the biggest reason we love what we do, and we are incredibly thankful for every client we have. The companies we work with are all so different, and it’s exciting to learn more about their jobs and their lives.

As Maya Angelou said,

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

We want to help push every customer toward obtaining that goal in their role as a compliance leader and we have really enjoyed journeying with them throughout that process this year!

Thank you all for being amazing customers!

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