The Best of 2016: Resources Just in Time for the New Year!

The Best of 2016: Resources Just in Time for the New Year!

ProviderTrust 2016 Resources

It’s been a wonderful, busy year! There were many changes that took place in healthcare and more specifically, compliance. As we faced those challenges, we partnered with many of you to walk through those changes and ultimately, learn how to serve your compliance programs even better.

We understand that new regulations effect how you perform you’re job and the quality to which you do that work. It is very difficult to study, learn, and implement the changes in a timely manner, especially when it takes additional work on top of what you already do in order to keep up.

Who has time for that? Well, we do! In this blog, we’ve got our best resources from 2016 – all in one place!

Not only is it part of our job to study, learn and help you implement those regulatory changes, but we actually love doing it! Call us crazy, but we do not take for granted the difficulty of your work and how important it is for the growth of healthcare. It gives us extra motivation to quickly learn and provide tools to help you meet your healthcare compliance goals for the new year.

Here are some of our top resources from this year to help with this process.

Top Blog Posts of the Year

How to Conduct and Effective Healthcare Audit
Learn from a compliance officer who underwent a CIA with one of the nation’s top healthcare system. The strenuous process not only helped Donna improve as a compliance officer but she gained invaluable tools to navigate audits in the future. She gives tips to effectively conducting an internal audit so you feel ready and prepared when your company undergoes an audit in the future.

Learn more from Donna here.

OIG 2017 Work Plan: Plan On It
Each fall the OIG releases its Annual Work Plan for compliance so healthcare organizations can get an idea of the status of items from the year before, as well as, a road map of what areas and specific items the OIG will focus its efforts on in the next year.

Top Healthcare Blogs Every Compliance Officer Should Read
This is was a popular post from this past year. We pulled together a list of various healthcare blogs that give you tips, tools and insights to creating a top compliance program and gaining general healthcare knowledge.

How to Get Off the Exclusion List
It happened. You’re on the exclusion list and you’re prevented from working for healthcare organizations billing Medicare or Medicaid. Now, you need to start the process of removing yourself from the list and getting your job back. In this blog, find out the step by step details to wiping your name off the OIG (Officer of Inspector General) List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE).

Highest Attended Workshops

Culture of Compliance Workshops
This series covers an array of compliance topics for various positions and types of organizations. We recorded each sessions for you to listen to and we provide Q and A time at the end. Please send us any questions or comments you have and we will quickly respond back to you.

Exclusion Data Deep Dive Workshop
We take a close look at the exclusion data from this past year, and find out some really interesting data points. What does it mean for you in 2017? We discuss statistics and their impact on your healthcare organization in this workshop.

Most Downloaded Content

Vendor Compliance Goes Beyond Exclusion Monitoring eBook
We released our vendor compliance ebook. Use this is a tool to review how you handle third party vendors and what they mean for your compliance program. Vendor monitoring is new for a lot of you and there may be some grey areas left on how to handle contracting with them and billing Medicare and Medicaid. We discuss proper steps to ensuring you are 100% compliant and do not have to worry about third party vendors anymore.

The Ultimate Guide to Exclusions eBook
Get you’re free download of everything you need to know about exclusions. This is an in depth overview and guide to handling exclusion monitoring and getting more sleep at night since you’re not worrying about excluded hires. After reading this, you will have a solid foundation to understanding exclusion monitoring.

Compliance Healthcare Index Report (CHIRP)
This is by far one of our highest downloaded content. The Compliance Healthcare Index Report is our pride and joy because we put countless hours into creating sets of data that will guide you in your role and give insights to the importance of compliance and the value of exclusion and vendor monitoring. It’s an educational tool but also a predictive tools to what we can be looking for and preparing for in 2017.

Thank you for checking out our top resources from this past year. We look forward to sharing more with you in the new year!

Written by Michael Rosen, ESQ
ProviderTrust Co-Founder,

Michael brings over 20 years of experience founding and leading risk mitigation businesses, receiving numerous accolades such as: Inc Magazine’s Inc 500 Award and Nashville Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year
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