Great, You Have a Compliance Plan – Now What?


It’s almost time for our Great you have a Compliance Plan – Now What? free healthcare webinar! In this healthcare webinar, we will guide through the process of discovering and unleashing the value of compliance plans in healthcare organizations. Ensuring your plan is transparent for the entire organization to understand helps the compliance process run smoother in your organization. Join us Thursday, June 23 at 12:00 pm CST for OIG compliance program guidance.

In short, compliance programs are a powerful tool allowing healthcare organizations to make deliberate decisions in getting ahead of compliance regulations.

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A brief overview

The first step towards compliance is having a plan. There are some legal advantages of having a compliance program as well as possible reduction in federal sentencing penalties. One of the legal ramifications of a compliance program is being held liable for meeting and complying with it. It is not just words on paper, but a document of how you will be held responsible.

Even further, those words need to be transparent enough for all departments to understand. In order for a healthcare compliance plan to be effective, it must be easy to understand and follow. It must be well laid out and planned and it must contain enough information to provide a non-lawyer with what you are expecting of them. In the healthcare webinar we will discuss how to get the compliance message across so that everyone can understand it.

Compliance programs are strongest when they are drafted internally and not based on an off-the-shelf policy. It must be tailored to your organization. Effective compliance programming will also need to continuously evolve given the ever-changing healthcare compliance landscape.

In essence, without a plan, there can be no compliance and effective compliance programming is demonstrated and driven by outcome.

In our free healthcare webinars, we strive to educate healthcare professionals about the various industry trends, such as effective compliance programming, and best practices. In this free healthcare webinar, you will learn the importance of implementing an effective compliance program.

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