Healthcare Whistleblower: Hiring the Right Talent in Healthcare

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The DOJ and OIG ears are always open to a disgruntled employee who brings to their attention serious non-compliance. The financial reward to a whistleblower can be 20 percent or more of the total recovery. 

Join the conversation today at 12:00 p.m. CST –  Whistle while you Work: Hiring the Right Talent in Healthcare. Sign up below.

To give you a sneak peak, here is a little teaser to today’s topics:

  • How to find and hire the right talent in healthcare.
  • How to develop a safe environment for self-disclosure.
  • How a whistleblower action can impact your organization.

These are all just a small taste of questions we are asking ourselves and addressing today during the webinar. Learn how to find and hire the right talent in healthcare and build trust to avoid whistleblowers. Learn how listen to your staff and develop effective compliance tools so that you are made aware of this internally versus through a whistleblower action.

In short, effective training, a safe environment and open communication is a powerful tool allowing healthcare organizations cultivate a positive, risk-free culture.

We hope you can join us at 12:00 p.m. CST! (Reserve your seat below.)

In our free healthcare webinars, we strive to educate healthcare professionals about various industry trends, such as building trust in the healthcare industry. In this free healthcare webinar, you will learn about the importance of hiring the right talent for your organization to avoid whistleblowers.

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