Instant to Ongoing Exclusion Screening

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We are excited to introduce our newest innovation! Instantly screen new providers for exclusions when they enter your workflow, then add them to ongoing exclusion monitoring for continued peace of mind.

Instant to Ongoing monitoring has many applications across both provider and payer organizations and is our latest step toward building a smarter and safer healthcare for all.

Check out our quick interview with Dash Product Manager, Dr. Tony Threatt to learn how this new functionality can help further protect your organization and patients from fraud, waste, and abuse.

Q&A with Product Manager, Dr. Tony Threatt

This is a feature release that many of us have gotten excited about here at ProviderTrust. Tony, tell us a little bit about why instant to ongoing is such a big deal for our clients.

Who did we have in mind when we designed this upgrade in Dash?

We built this capability with a few workflows in mind: provider network enrollment, credentialing, payment integrity for non-participating providers in the payer segment, and the ordering, referring, prescribing, and attending workflows in the provider segment.

These workflows need an instant check – is this provider good/bad so that I can let them in my network/refer to my organization, and continue my provider eligibility workflow.

We are working with a client who needs to collect ownership information for new facilities and organizations. In this case, our client needs to know quickly if this organization and this owner can be a part of their network. If we return an instant exclusion, then they will stop the credentialing process. If we return the all-clear, then our client will proceed with the next step in their operation.

How quickly will compliance insight be available for providers in the initial screening?

Instant means instant. Using NPI for Exclusions, OFAC, NPPES, Medicare Opt Out, and SSN for SSDMF, we can return instant results to our clients. Imagine Googling a provider for these eligibility issues.

With instant to ongoing exclusion screening, you can tap into our expanded, enhanced data to conduct a more extensive provider eligibility check and have ongoing monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for as long as you need insight into that provider.

How is this feature working to make healthcare smarter?

One of the many things we provide to our clients is operational efficiency. With this new capability, our clients can perform an instant search of many of the required provider eligibility lists and know whether or not they should continue with the eligibility process early in their approach— saving time and money.

For our payer clients, knowledge about non-participating providers is limited. When processing claims to these providers and facilities, a payer can immediately know of any issues that would make that claim non-reimbursable, and then monitor the provider for 12 months after the claim to ensure the provider remains eligible.

Until now, these types of insights were not available to our payer clients.

What’s next for Dash?

Specifically for the instant to ongoing capability, we will iterate on our capabilities to allow single searches and file uploads within the UI.

Beyond this capability, we are continuing our efforts to integrate our product and services into our client’s workflow and provide insights where they need them. As an example, we see the payer segment moving to a singular provider database used across multiple functions, so that provider eligibility insights can be provided to multiple teams throughout the enterprise’s various workflows.

Nothing is more important to us than empowering our clients and partners to deliver the safest healthcare experience possible! With Instant to Ongoing exclusion screening, this process has become exponentially faster so  you can quickly make informed decisions for your organizations at the most important moment. Smarter and safer healthcare is a group effort, and we are honored to play a part in protecting patients across the nation.

Ready for instant to ongoing exclusion screening?

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