To our health plan friends, we’ve been listening.

Our mission at ProviderTrust has always been to design simple solutions that solve some of healthcare’s most complex regulatory challenges.

This mission has led us on an exciting journey to create meaningful and unique experiences for our users. Our team is committed to delivering the highest quality of service and support to a broad audience, no matter the size of the organization. We’ve been fortunate to serve some of the largest U.S. healthcare companies, while still delivering the same quality and support to clients with fewer than 250 providers or employees.

We’ve grown our team extensively, launched innovative products, and gained the trust of the healthcare industry as a valuable partner. All of that to say – we are confident in our flexibility, talent, and room for expansion when new opportunities are presented.

ProviderTrust is excited to announce that our team of data experts has developed new tools for the health plan market. Our health plan focus will be designed around providing predictive data monitoring solutions for provider network management.

ProviderTrust Solutions for Health Plans

What’s new:

A smarter data engine to power your provider network management. We aggregate primary source data and fill in the gaps to verify fraud faster, more accurately, and more effectively for our clients.

Predictive software to analyze and identify fraudulent behavior patterns. We’ve designed solutions specific to health plans that interact with various steps in your workflow to help spot fraudulent billing before you process a claim.  

Intentional and specific attention to individual population groups. We recognize that numerous populations require different solutions. Whether you’re working with non-par providers, participating providers, vendors, pharmacies, owners, or a mix in between, we’ve built custom solutions for each possibility.

Instantly screen every claim for exclusions before the claim is paid. Seamless integration with your claims processing system allows for continuous screening of every claim before you process for payment. This helps eliminate the need to recoup funds for claims paid inadvertently.

The most comprehensive and effective vendor data collection engine in the industry. ProviderTrust will manage the collection of any and all data needed from your vendor network, from enrollment to ownership attestations, ensuring your organization collects the data needed to stay compliant with regulation while keeping operations streamlined.

What’s the same:

The same support and care from our award-winning customer service teams. Our care and support of our clients are and always will be core values and points of pride.

The same simplicity and elegance delivered with all of our products. All of the beauty ProviderTrust is known to provide, now for health plans. We believe the best performing products should look and feel lovely too.

The same flexibility and customization unique to your organization’s needs, workflows, and hierarchy reporting. Our solutions are customized and implemented to fit our clients’ workflows perfectly and seamlessly.

The same simple, straightforward pricing model. Pricing models are designed for our client’s growth strategies in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.


The best way to predict the future is to create it. — Peter Drucker


We’re creating a future where your organization can predict fraud. On behalf of our dedicated team, we would love to invite you on this journey together. 


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Written by David Servodidio

Health Plan Segment Leader,

David partners with the nation’s top health plans to optimize processes centered in provider network management and operations, healthcare compliance, and predictive analytics.

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