March 2018 OIG Work Plan Updates

February 2018 Workplan

Each month, we are pleased to share the most recent additions to the Office of Inspector General (OIG) Work Plan items. Starting in June 2017 – OIG has been updating their Work Plan monthly with any new changes to the active list. Let’s take a look at the new points from this month:

A few topics that stood out to us for March’s OIG Work Plan are the following:

  1. Administration for Community Living Oversight of Independent Living Programs
  2. Incidence of Adverse Events in Indian Health Service Hospitals
  3. Data Brief: Opioid Use in Medicare Part D

Find the full list of Recently Added Items on OIG’s site. Curious where to find last month’s added items? Take a look at the February OIG Work Plan Updates.

This month’s agenda includes 7 new items from OIG. Let’s walk through some of these updates so you can address each item within your compliance program if applicable.

Administration for Community Living Oversight of Independent Living Programs

Across the nation, people with disabilities are proud to make an impact in their communities. The Administration for Community Living (ACL) helps sponsor programs that provide independence and housing for individuals with disabilities.  

The ACL has many areas of oversight and direct reporting based on onsight compliance reviews. The OIG will be taking into account the ACL’s activity and standards when it comes to these on-location assessments.

Read the full update from OIG here.

Incidence of Adverse Events in Indian Health Service Hospitals

There are 26 hospitals in the U.S. that provide free inpatient care to eligible American Indians and Alaska Natives, known as the Indian Health Service (IHS). Many of the facilities in this program are located in rural and remote areas with a low frequency of patients.

OIG will be taking a further looking at identifying adverse and temporary harm events at IHS hospitals that occurred in 2017.

To find out more about how OIG is addressing this process, visit here.  

Data Brief: Opioid Use in Medicare Part D

As startling numbers continue to mount with data involving drug overdoses in the United States, many federal agencies are seeking answers to how more oversight and improved care may help curb the opioid epidemic.

With this recent update concerning Medicare Part D opioid prescriptions, OIG will be investigating the number of patients who are at risk of drug abuse or overdose. The data brief will provide updated information regarding Part D beneficiaries who may appear to be manipulating the system to receive more medication.

Read more on this report here.

Other updates to the March 2018 OIG Work Plan include the following:

  • Child Support Administrative Cost Audit
  • Financial and Administrative Review at Indian Health Service Area Offices
  • Medicaid School-Based Costs Claimed Based on Contingency Fee Contractor Coding
  • Grantee Compliance with Cost Principles for Organizations with Multiple HHS Discretionary Funding Sources

Do you have any recent experience or background information concerning OIG’s Work Plan updates for March? Let us know in the comments below!

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