PT Spotlight: National Parents’ Day

National Parents' Day 2021

Happy National Parents’ Day to all of the parents that are making a positive influence in so many lives! We are thankful for all of the parents that work with us at ProviderTrust. It’s no secret that these individuals have been so flexible lately balancing work and life, and raising their children at home in unique circumstances.

To all of the parents out there, we want to say thank you.

We appreciate all you do and promise to encourage and allow positive environments for parents to have an active role at home and in their communities. To celebrate Parents’ Day, we wanted to get some insights into some of our team member’s favorite moments since the start of COVID-19. Their stories inspire us and give us some hope for a bright and playful future!

We know being a parent during COVID-19 has likely been challenging, but do you have a favorite memory as a parent during this time?

Since we’re remote, I’ve been able to enjoy having family lunches during my workday. While we’re eating, my daughter has been trying out new phrases such as: “Have you had a productive morning?” and “Do you have a lot of meetings today?”

Like the rest of the country, we’re spending huge amounts of quality together time hunkered down at home, which has been challenging but has also afforded us some unusual opportunities. When summer hit, we decided to quarantine out of state, staying at a lakefront property my parents own for a whole month this summer. We’ve never been able to eat nightly dinners with our extended family like this, and while there, our daughter got up on water skis for the first time. She was SO determined and proud! I suspect this is the summer our kids will remember most fondly.

My daughter was born on March 1st of this year, so really all of our memories with her have been during this season of Covid-19. One of my favorite memories during this time has been dancing to Rock’n Robin with her and Casey in the Kitchen. She loves to dance already!

Being home during the days has enabled us to help our neighbors with their farm. I loved seeing my daughter harvest potatoes from the ground for the first time. I love seeing her get outside and enjoy the simple things and learn the “old” games we used to play.

One of the best parts about having my child home with me during the work week is our daily walk outside. Most days he just wants to run, but there have been other times where he holds my hand the entire way around the neighborhood. I will forever cherish those small moments with him and being able to make those memories.

What has been the funniest thing your child has done?

My son picked up the word “guys”, and somehow found it it was applicable to use when he is frustrated or unhappy. So during our stay-at-home stretches when I’d snatch him from behind before he can scamper all the way up the stairs, he’d turn around and yell “GUYYYYSSSSSSSSS!” It’s too cute to ever be mad about.

Part of our routine at home now is having a daily dance party! My toddler has some moves that honestly put me on the floor laughing. He has recently learned how to say “shake your booty” and it makes me grin every single time.

While I was on a video chat with a colleague my 4 year old daughter walked into the room buck naked asking me to wipe her after using the restroom. Yes, my colleague heard and saw everything.

Tik-Tok dances and skits are an all-consuming sport right now! #preteens

We have taken turns cooking meals. Both sons have kitchen experience, but not as much being solely responsible for the entirety of meal prep. We have had some interesting meals, notably a cumin chicken dinner that was basically an entire jar of cumin and asparagus that may have had an entire pound of butter in it (it looked like a yellow soup). Memorable offerings.

I’m smiling just thinking about it! I was coming home from a full day of office errands and asked my husband to take a photo of Ev because I missed her. The moment he said, “Smile for momma,” she turned around, stuck out her chest, shouted cheese, and put on the biggest, silliest grin! It was the cutest, funniest photo – she was so proud of herself.

I have three boys who have considered it a “bath” when they combine a hose and dish soap on the trampoline. Thankful I work to help make healthcare safer and smarter for my daredevils!

What is one thing you’ve learned as a parent during COVID-19?

COVID has taught me how to re-think my expectations as a parent. In the beginning of all this, I wanted to implement serious structure, have a new exciting activity for my child every day and ensure there was no screen time. I’m chuckling a bit now just seeing these expectations written down. What my child really needs is hugs, memories, security, play and quality time – those are things that matter.

That middle school teachers should be paid an annual salary of approximately 2 billion dollars.

During Covid-19, we have realized that our family is better when we spend more time together. When our busy lives came to a slow crawl, we were concerned that the fighting amongst our three boys would intensify with boredom and lack of space. Instead they’ve been forced to work it out and have been more agreeable and creative with each other than any other season.

As hard as this season is, in a lot of ways it’s found time with these kiddos that we’d never have otherwise. Soak up every minute you can, and remember to be honest to yourself (and those around you) about what you need for your own mental health along the way.

Teenagers are actually capable of doing laundry, cooking their own meals, and cleaning!

Inspired resilience from my boys as I watch them grow up right in front of me.

Grace for yourself. Grace for being a momma and doing it well, and grace for work and what gets done and what has to wait.

There is nothing in the world, not even a pandemic, that will stop young kids from touching everything they possibly can despite the numerous warnings and threats.

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