OIG Exclusion Through Inclusion: ASHHRA 49th Annual Conference

When HR leaders from the healthcare industry gather each year at the annual ASHHRA Conference, great things happen. From hearing thought leaders from around the nation to networking and re-connecting with familiar faces and friends, the 2013 ASHHRA conference in Washington, D.C. was amongst the best. 

The setting could not have been more perfect for collaboration and idea sharing. Attendance was at an all time high and HR leaders were able to attend many education tracks. The theme of the conference was Strength through Inclusion. Many of the topics covered quality of care and avoiding risk. 

ASSHRA Conference

ProviderTrust was honored to have been selected to cover the important topics of the the Best Practices for Staying Ahead of the OIG. Alice Martin, Esq., Managing Partner of Martin Compliance Conulting and I reviewed the new OIG requirements pertaining to OIG Exclusion monitoring, Self-Disclosure and other important ACA and CMS requirements.  

For the core of the session, the attendees were provided insight from the former U.S. Attorney and Trial Judge, Alice Martin. Just two days before, Alice attended the National Association of former U.S. Attorneys’ annual conference held in D.C. She shared one of the key takeaways from this event with the ASSHRA attendees, sheding light on the increased focus on fraud and abuse prosecution and the issurance of civil fines and penalties by the OIG for hiring, billing and/or doing business with an excluded person or entity. 

In fact, there was discussion of an increased focus by U.S. Attorneys to tie owners of vendors who are excluded from doing business with or owning healthcare suppliers and third party companies, specifically those supplying services to healthcare companies that are reimbursed with federal health care dollars such as CMS (Medicare or Medicaid), CHIPS, TriCare and others.

Several questions from the audience addressed the idea of how to convey the importance of a good compliance program to senior management. Not to mention, the abundant time and resources it takes to monitor employees and vendors each month. These questions led to some great conversation and ideas. 

All in all, the ASHHRA conference was a great time that empowered many HR officers, leaving all of us feeling ready, willing and better educated on the many federal regulations that are placed upon healthcare organizations today.

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For the ASHHRA Conference Slides on Best Practices for Staying Ahead of the OIG:


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