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On this Juneteenth, we continue to listen.


We’ve spent the last year listening to and learning from our Black employees, friends, and partners. We recognize that we have so much more to learn, and so much more to do. And on this Juneteenth 2021, we are still listening, still learning, and still growing as an organization.

1 year ago,  we shared a few specific ways we are beginning to change our culture, company, and finances in pursuit of a more inclusive world. We committed to being an ally for change, spreading love, and speaking out against hate.

1 year and 2 weeks ago, we said Black Lives Matter as we stood and protested with our Black employees, community, clients, partners, and friends in demanding an end to systemic racism in the United States.

We made bold commitments in 2020, and as our Director of Marketing and a leader of our business, I am deeply proud of the progress we have made. The growth we’ve experienced as an organization has been transformative, uncomfortable, humbling, and life-changing. We looked ourselves in the mirror and committed to be better. We leapt headfirst into hard conversations, conflict, and education. That work has no doubt left its scars, but we are stronger, more inclusive, and better allies than we were 1 year ago.   

But Juneteenth is and should be a day of remembrance, action, and celebration for Black lives, signaling the day the last enslaved Black Americans heard of their freedom on June 19, 1865. It’s our view that today is not and should not be about us, what we’ve done, or what we will continue to do. We have plenty to share, but a performative post on Juneteenth felt wrong and disrespectful in many ways.  

Simply, the spotlight today is not ours. 

You’ll hear more from us about the milestones we’ve achieved and the goals we’ve set on our path towards becoming a more inclusive workplace for everyone, alongside our mission to create a safer healthcare for everyone. The progress we’ve made is impactful and a story we can’t wait to share. But not today. 

Instead, we’re choosing to celebrate this Juneteenth weekend in Nashville with our team members, friends, clients and partners at Hadley Park, Fort Negley Park, and down on Buchanan Street. So enjoy some live music from Brassville or head up to the block party on the rooftop of the new National Museum of African American Music. We’ll see you there.    

Here’s to creating a more inclusive, equitable world for everyone. We’re on our journey to do that and more, and we will tell you all about it soon. Enjoy your Juneteenth!   

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