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NLC – Simple and Easy But Often Misunderstood

Nursing License Compact Through the Nurse License Compact, NLC, nurses have the ability to work across state lines, the state boards of nursing reach an understanding of cooperation and coordination, and licensing laws across state borders are effectively enforced. There are currently 24 states that participate in effectively allowing a properly licensed nurse in his or her home state, their residency, to practice in other compact states without having to get an additional license in that state. Keep in mind the NLC applies to RN, LPN/LVN, but not APRN’s.

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Receiving A Referral From An Excluded Provider: Beware

We all know that a doctor plays a vital role in today's health care ecosystem (not to mention the rise of the importance of the Nurse Practitioner and Physicians Assistant).  After all, the doctor is where you are likely to be seen and/or who will refer you to a hospital, specialist or outpatient surgery center for further health care services.  

Simple tips to protect your company from healthcare license fraud

We all know how extremely important it is to ensure that all employee licenses are up to date and properly verified but, although we may think we are doing enough, we could be terribly wrong. An error in healthcare license verifcation and tracking is a very real possibility, especially within large companies that have thousands of employees and vendors. In a case like this, the responsibility of verifying licenses and other required documents falls on the company. But how can a company protect itself from a maliciously fraudulent employee? In her article, Valerie Smith highlighted two particular incidences in which nurses in Maricopa County, Arizona, were found to be imposters. 

Healthcare Innovation in Music City

Nashville is quickly gaining a new nickname. Music City is now the Healthcare Capital of the nation and shows no signs of slowing down. Since the city was spotlighted by the Wall Street Journal in 2011, Nashville has continued to thrive in the healthcare industry and was named the Best City for Healthcare IT Startups this past month.

OIG Gearing Up for More Enforcement Authority and Penalties

In late March, OIG Inspector General Levinson informed Compliance Officers at the annual HCCA Compliance Institute Conference in San Diego that his office was very close to releasing significant changes to both their Exclusion Authority as well as the Imposition of Civil Fines and Monetary Penalties.   This week, the OIG released its two proposed rules to do just as he promised.

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