Smarter License Monitoring for Provider Networks in Dash

License Monitoring in Dash

ProviderTrust is committed to helping make healthcare smarter and safer. That means doing everything we can to ensure that those who are providing care are properly credentialed and eligible to do so. We are excited to announce that our industry-standard license monitoring process is now live in our newest solution, Dash.

Dash by ProviderTrust

Dash, by ProviderTrust, helps both providers and health plans by monitoring provider networks and populations to determine eligibility on an up-to-daily basis, ensuring that your organization is functioning efficiently and in complete compliance with federal and state regulations.

Dash’s flexible capabilities and meaningful insights deliver time savings across teams and prevent revenue leakage due to hard-to-find eligibility issues.

Monitor Clinical Licenses and Credentials

Like Dash’s other monitoring service packages, the license monitoring results are easily configurable, delivering results that align with your organizational structure and technology suite. Receive license alerts by network type, plan participation type, geography, or however your teams analyze provider networks.

Customize which teammates receive specific alerts and log your next steps in the resolution workflow. In addition, Dash also allows your team to manage provider eligibility requirements by monitoring for federal and state exclusions, NPI validation, Medicare Opt Out, SSA Death Master File, and more. And the best part? We seamlessly integrate with your workflow and applications via industry-standard APIs to make the whole process efficient.

Primary Source Verification

Our license monitoring technology delivers best-in-class results, which includes time-stamped screenshots of each license from the primary source. View the license details, the board information, and the exact date and time it was last verified. Quickly pull audit-ready insights into a particular provider with the Individual Audit Report. This pre-configured report details the status of every source in your specifications for that provider on a particular date.

Provider Organizations

Dash allows acute and post-acute facilities to determine provider eligibility within their referral network on an ongoing basis. It is likely that the data your organization may have for referring, ordering, and prescribing physicians is in different places, hard to access, hard to standardize, and even harder to verify. Before Dash, monitoring these populations was a heavily manual process. The more time that elapses between eligibility screenings, the more vulnerable your organization is to eligibility-related risk and claims leakage.

Health Plan Networks

Health plans need flexible tools for verifying provider eligibility for both par and non-par provider networks. With Dash, provider eligibility is determined on an ongoing basis, ensuring that every provider in your network is eligible to provide care, and reducing your vulnerability to revenue leakage. We combine all primary source healthcare data with our collection of unique identifiers to deliver the industry’s most effective monitoring solution for health plans.

Dash Solves Provider Network Monitoring Challenges 

We are excited to offer this new solution feature for providers and health plans. Our mission to help create a smarter and safer healthcare involves connecting data points from provider networks to ensure fraud, waste, and abuse are not present in your networks and healthcare organizations. You can count on Dash to ensure providers are eligible for federal healthcare programs and have the necessary credentials in good standing.

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