ProviderTrust at a Glance – 2015

Photo of the ProviderTrust team with "Happy New Year" overlayed on top

Happy New Year

ProviderTrust wishes you a Happy New Year! In celebration, we want to share with you what we’ve been up to this past year. From six new hires joining the team to multiple webinars to numerous Client Success cases solved to our greatest accomplishment of being awarded the NEXT Award, the ProviderTrust team remained busy in 2015.

Thanks to you – our clients and supporters – ProviderTrust had its greatest year so far with more than 400 webinar attendees, more than 500 demos requested, more than 25,000 blog visits and most importantly our numerous celebrations. Ok, ok our most important accomplishment is supporting each and every client and supporter of PT. 

If you want to see more fun and crazy stats about what PT has been up to (like beginning stats, babies, weddings, new faces, holidays and fun pictures) check out our year end recap!

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