PT Team Member Spotlight: Meet Jordan

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Meet Jordan! Jordan Stewart is a graphic designer on our marketing team. They started their career with us as an intern in 2020 and has continued to be a valued team member here at ProviderTrust!

Tell us about yourself and what you do for ProviderTrust.

I’m ProviderTrust’s resident Graphic Designer! I help handle anything visual (graphics, assets, etc.) ProviderTrust needs. I also have a really cute cat and am a video game enthusiast.

How long have you worked at ProviderTrust?

I am approaching my 3-year anniversary at ProviderTrust!

Tell us about your first role at ProviderTrust and how you transitioned into your new role.

I began at ProviderTrust as a graphic design intern in February of 2020. I think I got about two weeks in the office before we went remote for the pandemic. Over the course of the pandemic, I ended up having a lot more free time that I could use to help out ProviderTrust and their marketing team. With the extra effort I was putting in, I was promoted to a part-time Junior Designer! Fast forward to the end of the year, I was offered a full-time Graphic Designer position.

What is your favorite memory at ProviderTrust?

It’s really hard to choose! I think one of my favorite memories at PT was having a team dinner at one of our houses. It was really fun to spend time with everyone and build our relationships outside of work.

Describe your personal/professional growth while working with the company?

Working at ProviderTrust has given me the ability to learn aspects of design I had never dreamed of getting into: interactive design, designing with accessibility in mind, etc. I also have had the opportunity to expand my skill set in taking on social media marketing. Aside from all the technical skills, I cannot understate how much ProviderTrust has helped me grow in terms of communication and problem solving.

What is your favorite value at ProviderTrust and why?

My favorite value at ProviderTrust is Building Open, Honest, and Diverse Relationships. At ProviderTrust, people are unapologetically themselves and consistently open themselves up for genuine dialogue. The relationships I’ve built within the company have been built on trust, mutual understanding, and honesty. The effect this has on collaboration and problem solving is absolutely unmatched. I am so thankful for a culture that values building relationships as much as this one does.

What key things have you learned that will help in your career journey?

I feel like I have learned so much. I would say never be afraid to learn something new. Delve deep into anything you can and open your mind up: you’ll find that so many other skills intersect with your role, whatever it may be. Take every opportunity you can to grow your skill set and ask questions. This has helped me in so many ways.

Looking back on the last year, what is something significant that has happened to you?

Over the past year, the marketing team launched our official rebrand and new website. It was such an honor to be a part of such a large scale project and help make design and social decisions across the board.

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