PT Team Member Spotlight: Meet Josh

Josh Nichols
Meet Josh! Josh Nichols is one of our Software Developers. He started his career with us as an intern in 2020 and has continued to be a valued team member here at ProviderTrust!

Tell us about yourself and what you do for ProviderTrust.

I am a software developer on the Phoenix team here at PT. I graduated from Tennessee Tech in the fall of 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

How long have you worked at ProviderTrust?

I have been working full-time since August 2021, so I’m coming up on a year!

Tell us about your first role at ProviderTrust and how you transitioned into your new role.

I was hired as a software developer intern for the summer of 2020. PT ended up liking me enough to keep me on as a contractor until they could hire me full-time, which ended up being a year after the internship ended.

What is your favorite memory at ProviderTrust?

My favorite memory has to be the first time I came to the office which was in the middle of the pandemic. After the end of the internship, everyone who had a part in it gathered at the office and ate lunch. It was great getting to see the office and meeting everyone in person for the first time.

Describe your personal/professional growth while working with the company?

I have learned so much while working at PT. This company not only allowed me to launch my career in such a short amount of time, but also allowed me to work and learn from great developers. I think I can attribute a lot of my personal growth to the values that PT lives by. Hearing a different value every week along with how different people live by said value has really opened my eyes to many different things.

What is your favorite value at ProviderTrust and why?

Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded. I think creativity is the best tool to build the best products. Being adventurous and open-minded kind of coincide with each other in the sense that you can’t really have one without the other, so being open-minded is very important when developing on a team because a peer might have a different perspective and you need to be open-minded to that.

What key things have you learned that will help in your career journey?

Ask a lot of questions. Even if you think they might be stupid.

If you’re going to fail, fail upwards. Failing is not always a bad thing.

Looking back on the last year, what is something significant that has happened to you?

I was able to move back to Tennessee and be closer to my family and friends!

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