PT Team Member Spotlight: Meet Rob

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Meet Rob Clayton! He has been a part of ProviderTrust since the early years of our office sharing space with Nashville SC and been an integral part of our growth. Rob is an amazing leader, manager, friend, and father and we are grateful to work alongside him.

Rob Clayton

Tell us about yourself and what you do for ProviderTrust.

Hi! I’m a Husband to Casey and father of 2 little ones, Josie and Calvin. I love being active and outside, hosting and entertaining and building community wherever I can. I get to lead our SMB and Mid Market Provider Sales Team!

How long have you worked at ProviderTrust?

Over 6 years now. I started in November of 2015.

What drew you to ProviderTrust as the next step in your career?

The opportunity to work in healthcare with great people in a place I wanted to live.

What is your favorite memory at ProviderTrust?

This is difficult because there have been so many, but probably traveling to an early sales conference with Chris Redhage out in Arizona. Had a great time meeting with prospective clients as well as connecting with Chris and hearing his vision for the company.

What is something you’re proud of?

I’m proud of the relationships I’ve formed with prospects and clients, but most importantly teammates.

What is your favorite value at ProviderTrust and why?

Help Others Grow and Succeed is my favorite value, because it feels so natural to me. I have some serious alignment with this value!

Looking forward into 2022, what is something you’re looking forward to or hope to accomplish?

I’m looking forward to making some key hires and hopefully seeing more of the team in person this year.

What projects are you excited about next?

I’m excited about finding and adding new teammates to our sales team and bringing them into what we’re working on here at ProviderTrust.

What does smarter and safer healthcare mean to you?

Smarter and safer healthcare to me is building relationships with as many people and organizations as possible to share how we can help keep bad actors out of our healthcare system!

Who in your life has inspired you lately?

Recently my wife Casey has inspired me. She is a Provider on the GI Oncology team at Vanderbilt. So she is treating patients and helping them navigate incredibly difficult seasons in their lives’. She is an amazing mom to our two little ones! Additionally, she also has an incredible entrepreneurial mind full of great ideas!

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