Innovation Alert! Set Monitoring Term Limits For Provider Populations

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We are excited to announce our newest innovation! Our newest feature allows you to proactively manage your populations instead of constantly editing and reviewing files. Customizable term limits automatically terminate ongoing monitoring for any provider you choose.

This new capability also allows you to set term dates related to the last interaction date with a provider. For example, suppose you decide that your organization would like to monitor 12 months after the last interaction, which is earlier than when you begin to monitor that provider. In that case, the provider will automatically be removed from monitoring when they reache the term. The best practice is to monitor for 12 to 18 months after the last interaction, which you can now easily track in your provider file upload!

What does this mean for our Clients?

For payers, smarter and more efficient non-par provider network management. Even if you introduce a non-par provider one time, monitoring is still required to ensure that the provider can receive funds through the claims cycle. This new feature allows you to fulfill that monitoring need for the term necessary, then remove those providers who are no longer relevant to your workflows.

For providers, you can now proactively manage your provider file! Once you set the monitoring term, ProviderTrust will automatically remove providers from active monitoring to ensure that you are only monitoring the providers necessary on an ongoing basis. Ensure that you monitor referring and ordering physicians for the required term, then drop them from ongoing monitoring.

We are always moving closer to smarter data management, and we are proud to help our clients become more efficient, accurate, and secure!

Ready for smarter data management?

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