The compliance risks of a low-cost exclusion monitoring vendor


The same practicality of investing in premium brands can be seen across all industries.  

How many of you have searched a website that aggregates hotel sites to find the “same room” at a lower cost? I admit I have. But did I actually get what I thought I was bargaining for?  Nope – not even close. In fact, the room available was advertised on the web as the same as the hotel site, but for much more. Upon arrival, the “available room” was no longer available. What was available was a room with a view of the loading dock and dumpster in the back corner of the lowest floor.

Sometimes lower cost is an indicator of something bigger – or lesser, depending on how you look at it. 

We created an informational white paper outlining the compliance risks in why choosing a lower cost exclusion monitoring vendor is unhealthy for your organization. The white paper explains how important vendors are to the delivery of your service, how important it is to choose the best vendor not the cheapest, the potential results of choosing a low cost vendor and the criteria to consider when choosing a healthcare compliance vendor. You can download it for free below!

When it comes to compliance, picking the best provider, not simply the lowest priced vendor, is tantamount to sleeping better at night.  

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