Tools: Hiring Right in Healthcare Compliance

Tools: Hiring Right in Healthcare Compliance

Hire Right!

Hiring the right kind of individuals for any organization is essential! Surprisingly, they can make or break a company. That is why a lot of companies are going to great heights to ensure they are gathering and retaining the right kind of people for their organizations.

Since we have been on the topic of resources lately we wanted to share a couple key tools to hiring successful people that we have found useful and want to share!

Talent Plus

We use talent plus to take individuals through a preview interview. Meaning, we have a certain set of values that we build our company upon and use to hire talent. We believe that these values are essential to what we to do at provider trust and without them we would not experience the successes we have had so far as a company.

The interview process questions candidates for critical company values ensuring that those individuals that come on board are going to want to uphold the same values your organization believes in. This creates fluidity among employees and is a large contributor to creating a successful organization.

Myers Briggs

The MB test categories individuals based on general to specific personality traits. This is an extremely helpful tool in realizing how individuals work and relate to one another, and what kind of work is most fitting for different types of people. It’s highly effective in building and working in teams. You realize who the big picture people are and the individuals who prefer to work with the details. It separates those that like to cast the vision and those that can strategically outline the steps to getting you there. It helps us realize people who wants more introverted time to think and work and others  who may prefer the interaction and opportunity to think out loud. It’s great because there are percentages, and you may realize that you are a little bit of both.

Mindful Interviewing process

Know beforehand what you want to take away from the interview before going into it.

We included some great sample interview questions to help with the process.

Meaningful Interview Questions

  1. Why are you here?
  2. If you had only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
  3. When have you failed? Describe what happened and what you learned from it.
  4. What’s the one accomplishment you’re most proud of? Why?
  5. What qualities in your co-workers bother you most? Do you appreciate most?
  6. How do you take advantage of your strengths? How do you compensate for your weaknesses?
  7. If I were to ask your current boss what your greatest strength is, what would he or she tell me?
  8. If I were to ask your current boss to tell me one thing you do that drives him crazy what would he tell me?
  9. What’s one thing you would like to do better? What’s your plan for improving?
  10. What changes have you made in working with others to be more effective at work?

See the full list here.

These are some of our favorite hiring tools. Let us know any tools you like to use! We’d like to hear.

Written by Michael Rosen, ESQ
ProviderTrust Co-Founder,

Michael brings over 20 years of experience founding and leading risk mitigation businesses, receiving numerous accolades such as: Inc Magazine’s Inc 500 Award and Nashville Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year
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