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Vendor Compliance Goes Beyond Employee Monitoring

Beyond Employee Monitoring: Vendors, Contractors and Third Parties


We’re happy to announce an addition to our eBook collection! Our newest eBook, Beyond Employee Monitoring: Vendors, Contractors and Third Parties,  dives into the complexities of vendor monitoring. From digesting new regulations to discussing best practices, we hope this book helps you tackle your job with confidence.

Download our free Beyond Employee Monitoring eBook here to kick start your vendor monitoring process.

Our eBook journey began with the release of The Ultimate Guide to Exclusion Monitoring. It covers everything you need to know about OIG exclusion monitoring and the OIG’s regulations surrounding monthly monitoring and exclusion databases. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback for our exclusions eBook, so we decided to tackle the ins and outs of vendor monitoring as well. This 40+ page read covers the details and risks of not complying with OIG regulations as it pertains to vendor monitoring.

Beyond Employee Monitoring Sneak Peak:

In healthcare, organizations are liable not only for the inherent risk associated with its own employees and services but also for monitoring their third-party vendors (who supply everything from medical equipment to kitchen supplies) to ensure none are excluded from federal or state healthcare programs.

Just when you think you’ve figured it out, new layers of regulations are added, causing you to scramble to keep your organization compliant. In the OIG Special Advisory of 2013, the OIG laid out guidelines for monitoring vendors (i.e. companies/entities/individuals) recommending monthly exclusion monitoring.

On top of the 2013 new regulation, starting in 2014 the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare” as it is commonly called, laid out new rules as well. Not only do you have to monitor your vendors/entities, but also starting in 2014, it is best practice to monitor any owner of the vendor with more than 5% ownership stake.

Monitoring your vendors is just as important to an effective compliance plan as monitoring your employees. You must actively review your company’s policy to ensure monthly monitoring of vendors. Taking this type of action will significantly help to create a “risk-free” zone void of a painful HR tumble. A collaborative approach to compliance risk management is essential for the overall health of your organization.

Why you should download”Beyond Employee Monitoring

This eBook covers, in depth, each OIG regulation and what it means for your organization. It also covers data challenges in the vendor procurement world and how to overcome them, suggests best practices for your organization when it comes to monitoring vendors and also includes additional resources to help get you started.

Download the eBook below, and be sure to let us know how you like it!

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