Webinar: Wait, States Aren’t Reporting All Exclusions to the OIG?

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Today is the day! Join us at 12:00 PM CST for our webinar titled, “Wait, States Aren’t Reporting All Exclusions to the OIG?” In this webinar, we will discuss the time delay in states reporting exclusions to the OIG and the missing exclusions on the OIG list. 


You may know that states are not good at reporting exclusions to the OIG, but do you know how your state measures up? We will look at some of the best performing and worst performing states. In addition, we will discuss the impact of a state exclusion in other states and what possible additional exposure this creates for your organization.

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A brief overview

We know from CHIRP that there are major gaps in states reporting to the OIG. Individuals who have been on the state exclusion list for felony offenses two years later are still not showing up on the OIG exclusion list. 

This creates a problem for compliance programs only depending on the OIG exclusion list for their exclusion monitoring. To find out more, join our webinar today to learn why this is so detrimental to your compliance program. (Just for signing up you will receive the free live recording as well!)

In our free healthcare webinars, we strive to educate healthcare professionals about the various industry trends, such as effective compliance programming, and best practices.

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