Smarter provider network monitoring, delivered.

Dash is the customizable, ongoing compliance monitoring solution for your entire provider network.

ProviderTrust helps our SIU team tremendously to make sure we're always in compliance across every business unit. The speed at which they catch and verify exclusions is a huge value.

Nicole D., Compliance Manager
Dash Network Monitoring

Smarter, More Effective Provider Network Monitoring

Our platform ensures every provider network meets the compliance requirements you define, provides continuous monitoring powered by our enhanced primary source data and matching algorithms across all state and federal sources, and offers interactive dashboards that allow you to manage compliance in one place.

Automated, Ongoing Exclusion Monitoring

Our continuous monitoring powered by our enhanced primary source data and matching algorithms across all state and federal sources catch exclusions other solutions never find, such as name, state, and address changes, new or former licenses, or DBA entity incorporations for excluded individuals. We’ve designed our monitoring solution and matching to catch, verify, and communicate exclusions faster than anyone else.

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Primary Source Add Ons

A Full Suite of Primary Source Add-Ons

A design-your-package approach to health plan compliance with a full suite of add-ons, including Medicare Opt Out List, SSA DMF, CMS Preclusion List, OFAC, NPPES validation, and more.

Interactive Dashboards to Manage Your Networks

Manage your compliance from one dashboard. Easily review priority monitoring alerts, view compliance across your entire network or drill down to an individual provider or line of business, access primary source data directly from the platform, and integrate Dash into your claims processing or HR workflows for speed-to-action.

Interactive Dashboards
Exact Match Results

Exact-Matches Only, No False Positives

Our auto-resolve algorithms instantly eliminate the noise of many potential exclusion matches and false positives. For more complex scenarios, our in-house verification team carefully reviews all potential exclusion matches across your organization or provider network, eliminating all false positives and determining whether the exclusion found is an exact-match to your or provider.

Customized Monitoring by Business Unit

Fully define monitoring requirements by business unit and primary source type, down to specific lists for specific populations. Customize user permissions and dashboard views and each network to streamline your organization’s response to compliance alerts to prevent paying claims to ineligible providers.

Custom Business Unit
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Data Integrity Across Your Entire Provider Network

Always be confident your provider data is consistent and complete. Our monitoring platform aggregates your provider directory data to create standardized individual provider records, giving you reporting and audit capabilities down to every individual provider.

Our Commitment to the Highest Quality Results

ProviderTrust is committed to delivering only accurate and verified results to our clients to ensure your patients only see the safest providers. Increase efficiency so you can focus on what matters most: your patients. Learn more from our Director of Data & Technology, Dale Clay.

It’s time for smarter provider network monitoring.