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No-Cost Data Integrity Screening for Vendors in Your Supply Chain

Now, more than ever, healthcare urgently needs to keep fraud out of vendor networks and supply chains. ProviderTrust is offering a no-cost, one-time data integrity screen for your vendor network to help prioritize issues in responding to COVID-19.

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Step 1: Fill Out the Form Below

We’ll email you the file specifications and one of our team members will reach out to you to answer any questions.  

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Step 2: Upload Your File

We’ll send you a secure file upload link to transmit your file of vendor data. We’ll screen your entire vendor network at the primary source to find healthcare exclusions, invalid TINs, and more.

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Step 3: Get Your Results

We’ll send a summary snapshot of our findings back to you, highlighting areas of focus and any potential risks we find across your entire vendor network. 

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