This ebook gives an in-depth overview of exclusions and exclusion monitoring. Learn about the OIG and the risks of doing business with an excluded provider and how to avoid those fines.

What does it take to effectively monitor OIG exclusions?

Exclusions are what we do. This guide will help you understand OIG exclusions and how they fit into the healthcare compliance landscape. Join ProviderTrust co-founder Michael Rosen as he dives into an in-depth overview of exclusions and industry best practices for ongoing exclusion monitoring.

Table of Contents

  • Background of the OIG
  • OIG exclusion breakdown
  • Fines & penalties
  • Differences between exclusion databases
  • Industry best practices

About the Author

mike rosen

Michael Rosen, Esq. is one of ProviderTrust’s co-founders and has more than 20 years of experience founding and leading risk mitigation companies.