Let’s Keep Fraud Out of Your Supply Chain

Healthcare fraud within vendor networks is a growing reality during COVID-19. Outdated processes for vendor management and ineffective data monitoring make it difficult for health systems to identify high-risk vendors at critical points in the supply chain

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Ensure compliance and reduce risk across your vendor network.

Fraudulent business owners often fly under the radar. With VendorProof Engage, you’ll know if a business in your supply chain is owned by someone who is a compliance risk. You get accurate vendor insights, ongoing collection of ownership information, and annual FDR attestations.

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Centralized, accurate vendor data verified on an ongoing basis.

We provide a modernized, integrated vendor onboarding process that allows you to easily share data and insights across teams for maximum process efficiency. Collect BAA’s, Medicare Advantage Attestations, Supplier Enrollment and Certification Forms, Diversity Certifications, W-9s and more.

A cost-savings model that helps your bottom line.

Our innovative approach allows you to achieve total vendor compliance and save on your monitoring costs, allowing you to do more with less.

Seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows and business processes.

Better data leads to more accurate monitoring. With VendorProof Engage, your vendor network data is updated at least annually, and our integration capabilities ensure the latest and most accurate data flows back into your Accounts Payable, ERP, and contract management systems.

On Demand Webinar: Healthcare Fraud and Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought countless challenges to healthcare organizations. Vendor fraud isn’t new, but the changing healthcare landscape has provided new opportunities for bad actors to take advantage of compliance program vulnerabilities.

In this webinar, we explore the fraud risks in healthcare supply chains and vendor networks, how you can prepare to re-engage with vendors, and how you can protect your organization going forward.

Download the recording to learn more.

See what VendorProof Engage can do for you.

With VendorProof Engage, you get an all-in-one vendor compliance partner. See how this solution can help you wrangle complicated vendor data and simplify vendor management and compliance.

No-Cost Data Integrity Screen for Vendors in Your Supply Chain

ProviderTrust is offering a no-cost, one-time data integrity screen for your vendor network to help you identify and understand the risks in your current data. Get a custom report to help you quantify the risk in your supply chain and see how VendorProof Engage could improve your data quality.

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