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We deliver smarter monitoring for Health Plans.

Our automated monitoring is powered by smarter data and advanced matching algorithms, allowing us to spot compliance issues other solutions miss.

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Automated exclusion monitoring

Provider Network Enrollment Screening

Provider network integrity starts on day one of network enrollment. We empower health plans to get smarter about provider enrollment with a screening solution that checks a variety of sources and delivers immediate peace of mind.

Smarter, More Effective Provider Network Monitoring

Automated Provider Network Monitoring

Our automated, ongoing provider network monitoring is fully customizable. From OIG exclusions to disciplinary actions, or ongoing license verification, ensure every department receives the monitoring insight they need.

Provider Network Enrollment Screening Checklist

Download our free checklist to evaluate your current enrollment screening. Learn more about each source we recommend checking to safeguard your network.

Meet Dash, the smarter monitoring solution for Health Plans.

Dash is the customizable, ongoing compliance monitoring solution for your health plan’s entire provider network.

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Reduce Overpayment
Reduce Overpayment
Smarter monitoring leads to improved compliance and fewer claims to chase.
Spot Fraud Faster
Spot Fraud Faster
Continuous provider monitoring and claims integration ensure you spot FWA as quickly as possible.
Smarter Monitoring
Smarter Monitoring
Our matching algorithms spot Medicare and Medicaid exclusions no one else can.
Improve provider data accuracy
Custom Requirements
Customize your monitoring requirements and notifications by each line of business.

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Health plans are evolving. Your monitoring solution should too.

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