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Compliance Specialist

Nashville, TN

ProviderTrust empowers a safer, smarter healthcare for patients, providers, and payors. Based in Nashville, Tennessee since our launch in 2010, we create powerful solutions to solve complex problems to make healthcare data meaningful and actionable. Our mission is to create a safer healthcare for everyone.

We partner with HR, Compliance, and Provider Operations teams to monitor healthcare populations to identify license, credential, compliance, and payment eligibility issues before they impact patients. We monitor employees, vendors, provider networks, licenses, credentials and more for OIG and state Medicaid exclusions, sanctions or disciplinary actions, license expirations or suspensions and more, continuously verifying everything at the primary source.

Our solutions combine an intuitive user experience with advanced data matching algorithms and seamless integrations to continuously identify and verify compliance issues in the optimal workflow, such as an HRIS or claims processing system.

The Compliance Specialist needs to be a documentation specialist, keeping accurate records of compliance data, reports, activities, and communications, all of which need to be available and accessible to auditors or client inquiries. An analytical mindset, critical thinking skills, and experience with healthcare information systems are all beneficial in this career path.  A passion for being detail oriented is essential to this role.

In this unique role, in the first two years of employment the Compliance Specialist will help the organization navigate HITRUST certification.  This role will have the opportunity to become HITRUST certified as well. 

The Compliance Specialist will be the primary resource for the organization and compilation of numerous policies and processes the organization needs to adhere to—from employee handbooks to department manuals to process SOP documents—that help maintain our compliance.

The Compliance Specialist may also be responsible for assisting with system reviews, risk assessments, or conducting investigations and audits (or working with the compliance team) to ensure the ongoing protection of confidential client information.  Communication is key in this role, as these complex compliance findings need to be presented in an easily understandable manner.

The Compliance Specialists will be partnering with the Chief Compliance Officer on many day-to-day operational activities including reviewing and completing security risk assessments, reviewing and documenting operational processes to ensure consistency and efficiency as well as working closely with our engineering team.


Suggested Skills and Experience 

  • Extremely detail oriented; loves analyzing and documenting processes; seeks process improvement opportunities; great communicator
  • BS or MS degree in engineering, computer science, or healthcare related field
  • The ability to work efficiently and lead yourself in a fluid environment
  • Demonstrate a strong passion for success as well as a strong work ethic
  • Some knowledge of HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, or SSAE SOC standards.
  • Some experience with creating and maintaining IT Policies and Procedures that are HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, or SSAE SOC standards.
  • Experience with Healthcare technology environments or and related compliance.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities to identify and recommend solutions for compliance risks
  • Researching industry compliance regulations and policies.
  • Evaluating internal operational and procedural compliance.
  • Participate in security and privacy incident investigations, incident tracking, response plans, and activities related to security and privacy.
  • Review’s literature and documentation and compare such to current practices relevant to the solution of assigned projects.
  • Familiarity with regulatory requirements, cybersecurity industry frameworks and standards (E.g., HITRUST, HIPAA, SOC, NIST, etc. )
  • Assist in writing and updating IS027K, HITRUST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and NIST Compliant Policies and Procedures.
  • Participates in the planning of compliance reports, preparation of audit and compliance programs, performing testing procedures, drafting respective reports for presentation, and assessing corrective action plans.
  • Assist in performing Risk Assessments to ensure compliance with regulatory standards such as, HITRUST, SOC, HIPAA, or NIST.
  • Analyzing and updating existing compliance policies and related documentation.
  • Drafting new compliance policies and procedures as required.
  • Create other highly detailed documentation for internal and external use.
  • Conduct gap analysis and assessment of privacy, security and risk management programs
  • Assist with the development of a roadmap to evolve the risk management programs
  • Support and/or coordination of internal and external program audits or assessments
  • Participate in new business initiatives and product development activities to identify and escalate compliance considerations.
  • Collaborate with and assist business units to develop corrective action plans for identified compliance issues
  • Continuously monitor the status and effectiveness of SOC controls (or future audit requirements)
  • Continually update and re-evaluate the extent to which customer PII is collected and shared internally and externally.
What It’s Like To Work Here

We take immense pride in cultivating a strong, person-first culture always looking for ways to be intentionally uncommon. Our team is made up of talented, creative, kind, funny, and energetic folks wired for continuous and ongoing improvement. To be great at ProviderTrust, we find our team members have these things in common:

  • Gain energy from working in a fast-paced, creative environment
  • Decision making that employs a blend of data-driven insights and intuition
  • Ability to multitask and handle multiple projects concurrently
  • Resilience and positivity, able to address setbacks and bounce back quickly
  • Resourcefulness, discovering creative ways to get things done
  • Joy in making an immediate and positive impact
  • Diverse interests that are welcomed and extend beyond our organization
Things That Make Us A Great Place To Work
  • Competitive base salary and incentive package
  • Stock option program
  • 401(K) matching
  • Excellent medical and dental benefits, disability, and life insurance
  • Unlimited PTO (yes, really – we’ll talk about how it works)
  • HSA Contribution
  • Growth! Lots of new people, new talent, and new opportunities for our team
  • A stocked kitchen and wellness meal plan
  • Ergonomic desk setup and open workspaces
  • Lots of celebrations! Events, happy hours, and more
  • Dog-friendly – WOOF!
  • Voted one of the Best Places to Work by the Nashville Business Journal (2015 – 2019)
  • Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private firms in the U.S. (2016-2020)

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