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Choose the Ongoing Monitoring Solution for You

Exclusion MonitoringLicense Verification + Exclusion Monitoring + Sanction Screening
Continuous license verification and primary source monitoringX
Expiration tracking with automated notificationsX
Comprehensive sanction screeningX
Fully automated, exact-match resultsXX
All state and federal exclusion sourcesXX
Enhanced primary source dataXX
Download audit reports instantlyXX
Backed by an E&O policyXX


Exclusion Monitoring

Automate your exclusion screening process with exact-match results and instant alerts.

Packages start at $30/month + $0.35 per each individual/entity monitored.

License Verification + Exclusion Monitoring + Sanction Screening

Primary source verification simplified and optimized for your team workflows. Verify credentials, disciplinary actions, and eligibility for each provider.

Packages start at $30/month + $0.35 per individual/entity enrolled in exclusion monitoring plus an additional $1 per each individual enrolled in license and disciplinary action monitoring.

Why Passport?

Enhanced Primary Source Data

We’ve designed a smarter monitoring experience with an advanced sorting algorithm that collects and compares information from multiple databases and registries to find exact-matches. We enhance primary source exclusion data with unique identifiers that complement the screening process, allowing us to find exclusions across all sources that other vendors miss.

All State and Federal Exclusion Sources

Our monitoring solution screens and verifies continuously against the OIG LEIE, GSA/SAM, and all 43 state Medicaid exclusion lists. If a new state list is published, we include it into your monitoring automatically, ensuring total compliance.

Fully Automated Solution with Exact-Match Results

No more false positives or potential exclusion results. We exact-match verify every potential exclusion result on a continuous basis, delivering you confirmed, actionable data to make informed operational decisions, saving you time, and eliminating risk.

Continuous License Monitoring and Primary Source Verification

Passport automates continuous license and certification verification for providers and employees and documents the data found at the primary source into each individual record, ensuring a quick and easy way to view credentials.

Comprehensive Sanction Screening

Monitor your providers across 3,000+ federal and state databases to discover any disciplinary actions, license board orders, administrative actions, and more.

Passport has been the teammate we’ve come to rely on for total compliance across our health system. It’s such a powerful engine that makes exclusion checks simple, easy, and manageable.

Misty B., Compliance Specialist