Episode 2: Let’s Talk About Healthcare Fraud (ft. Michael Rosen)


Healthcare fraud is a perennial problem in the US healthcare system. Join us for an enlightening conversation with attorney, healthcare entrepreneur, and ProviderTrust founder, Michael Rosen. We talk about leading and inspiring people to tackle tough healthcare challenges, and how healthcare fraud ultimately impacts patients.

In this episode, Michael shares about discovering a healthcare need in compliance and building teams to tackle those challenges with positivity and resilience. 

Compliance is About Patients

Compliance regulations are critical for protecting the integrity of our healthcare system. They’re also critical for protecting patients. 

“These laws and regulations exist for a reason. If you are someone who’s willing to bend the rules as a provider, you shouldn’t be working in healthcare. Within healthcare, 98% of the population are who they say they are. They’re doing a wonderful job. They’ve trained hard to get to where they are, and they’re good, honest people. But, the other 2% can cause a huge impact to the patient.”

Building Teams Focused on Making a Difference

“Back-office administrative compliance [like the work we do at ProviderTrust] is not something most people get very excited about. But it does allow me to combine my legal background, my desire to help, and allows me to work with some really interesting, smart people, using technology to solve something.”

“We can teach an employee why regulations exist, what they are, and how our software is tackling it. But what we’re looking for is something beyond that,  somebody who can say, ‘We could do that even better.’ We want all people to have access to quality care. Unfortunately, underprivileged and disadvantaged neighborhoods sometimes face the most fraud and abuse. They may be receiving care from providers who shouldn’t be practicing because they’re committed fraud or abuse.”

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