Reduce Risk with Ongoing OFAC SDN & Non-SDN List Monitoring

Reduce your organizational risk and uphold the highest standards of patient safety. Monitor the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List (SDN) List and the Consolidated Sanctions List (Non-SDN) to meet federal compliance requirements.
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Distributed Compliance Creates Risk and Administrative Complexity



50% Rule

Fully Automated OFAC SDN and Non-SDN List Monitoring

Continuously monitor OFAC for ongoing compliance
From the moment we turn on monitoring, we continuously screen your employees, providers, and vendors to ensure we reduce your risk. Say goodbye to one-time batch uploads and point-in-time checks.
OIG LEIE, GSA-SAM, and all State Medicaid exclusion lists
Our exclusion monitoring solution is fully automated, screening your employees, providers, and vendors against every state and federal exclusion source every single day.
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Reduce Your Risk with a Secure, Trusted Solution

Create simplicity from complexity and trust from uncertainty
Stay on top of fraud risk and threats identified under OFAC enforcement that could potentially tie to individuals/entities within healthcare. Ensure compliance with federal regulations to reduce your risk and prevent punitive action.
Reduce your risk with a trusted, secure solution
You never know when a compliance issue could strike and timeliness, accuracy, and security are crucial. Our NCQA and SOC-II compliant solutions are always audit and survey-ready, and our best-in-class Client Success team is here to help when you need it.

Realize More Effective Compliance Program Management

Total enterprise compliance in one platform
One monitoring platform to manage, monitor, and verify every type of healthcare credential and compliance issue, from OIG exclusions to OFAC’s SDN List and everything in between.
Adopt a new standard in compliance intelligence
Our intelligence enriches both primary source data and our client’s data records with unique identifiers to catch and verify exclusions no one else can, alerting you to compliance issues you (or any of our competitors) might never find otherwise.
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For Developers

Seamless Integrations Designed to Scale

An API that unlocks the power and sophistication of our entire compliance monitoring platform instantly, enabling real-time access to a decade of data science infrastructure.

  • Integrate with your EMR, HRIS, or claims processing system via API
  • Explore bi-directional integrations via SFTP for HRIS workflows
“Most healthcare companies know how to check the OIG website, but checking all the state Medicaid sites, SSDMF, and all other sources is where ProviderTrust really provides us a great service.”

Bill Priest

Chief Compliance Officer

“It's been great working with the Client Success team. They have been with us step by step. Whenever we need something, they're there to provide service.”

Anita Tipton

Sr. Compliance Specialist

Integrate Across Your Applications

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