Uphold Patient Safety with State Abuse Registry Visibility

Upholding the highest standards of patient safety is at the heart of what we do. Monitor all available state abuse registries and connect vital compliance data to the moments and places you need them most.

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Creating A Safer Healthcare for All Patients




Nationwide screening across all state licensing boards

Continuous monitoring across all available state abuse registries

State abuse registries often lead to larger compliance issues such as exclusions or license revocations. Catch any license changes or disciplinary actions with as much notice as possible before jeopardizing patient safety.

Bridge the gap between primary sources

State abuse registry data can be messy, incomplete, and varies greatly by source. Our verification uses sorting algorithms and advanced data grouping to build a more complete profile for providers and employees to enable quicker, more accurate verifications.

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Realize the Full Profile of Every Provider

Historical records and board actions from all states, not just yours

We’ve seen it before – providers switching states to outrun disciplinary actions or an abuse registry listing, counting on inefficient systems and reporting. Our solutions search across all 50 states to ensure the prevention of fraud.

Adopt a new standard in compliance intelligence

Innovated for the most actionable healthcare monitoring and verification insights, our intelligence enriches both primary source data and our client’s data records with unique identifiers to build the full profile of every provider, alerting you to compliance issues that might otherwise never be found. 

Protect Your Most Vulnerable Patient Populations

Creating a safer healthcare for all patients

From state abuse registries to enterprise provider eligibility, our monitoring and verification platform goes beyond good enough. We’ve imagined a better standard – one where stronger intelligence empowers safer care for all.

Keeping bad actors at bay

Protect patients from any providers who have a history of abuse, fraud, or dishonesty about their credentials or previous work history. All patients deserve access to quality care.

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For Developers

Seamless Integrations Designed to Scale

An API that unlocks the power and sophistication of our entire compliance monitoring platform instantly, enabling real-time access to a decade of historical data and insights.

  • Integrate with your EMR, HRIS, or claims processing system via API
  • Explore bi-directional integrations via SFTP for HRIS workflows
“It's a real problem if you have an excluded individual on your workforce or an excluded entity or contractor as a vendor. It's comforting to know that I can confidently report to the Board Compliance Committee that we are doing everything we are supposed to be doing to make sure we are not employing or contracting with excluded individuals or entities. ProviderTrust's services are of high value to us.”

Bill Priest

Chief Compliance Officer

“It's been great working with the Client Success team. They have been with us step by step. Whenever we need something, they're there to provide service.”

Anita Tipton

Sr. Compliance Specialist

Integrate Across Your Applications

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