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Never once since we implemented the ProviderTrust system have we had any issues with a provider treating a patient without the proper licensure or credentials.

Kerry L., Director of Human Resources

Spend less time on monitoring. Spend more time developing your people.

Don’t let HR administrative complexity keep you from helping your people grow and succeed.

Delays in credentialing cost the healthcare system millions.

Many healthcare organizations have trouble credentialing providers efficiently to keep up with the increasing demands of patient care. It’s no secret that staffing shortages continue to plague the healthcare industry. By 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be a total of 1.2 million vacancies for nursing positions alone across provider organizations.

You’ve worked hard to get the best talent on your team – we make sure their credentials are always in good standing. Our solutions help ease the burden of license expiration tracking, verification at the primary source, and ongoing credential management.

Distributed compliance creates administrative complexity.

Disparate responsibility and variability in the process from years of HR and Compliance activity is driving the necessity for centralized ownership of processes. This helps ensure policy adhesion, creates efficiencies and removes downstream work, all so that HR teams can focus on mission-critical activity.

Healthcare’s top HR teams are continuing to standardize and centralize ongoing monitoring of licenses, credentials, certifications, and exclusions. Our solution standardizes and simplifies the process of compliance monitoring, delivering freedom from your process to focus on your people.

An evolving healthcare landscape leads to licensure challenges.

Industry growth and evolving care delivery models, such as telemedicine and retail clinics, are improving access to healthcare while simultaneously creating new regulatory and compliance challenges, including needing to monitor more providers with more licenses across more borders.

A highly mobile workforce paired with custom regulatory requirements makes ongoing licensure verification a complicated task. We deliver daily license and certification monitoring at the primary source to ensure your mobile workforce is always in compliance across every state border.

Holistic monitoring across online and offline sources is hard to achieve.

There are more than 3,000 federal and state databases to monitor for any disciplinary actions, license board orders, administrative actions, and more. Licensing boards vary dramatically with reporting frequency, data formatting, and publication method. Knowing the full picture of every provider is imperative to protecting patient safety.

Our solution automates searching, compiling, and verifying sanctions, disciplinary actions, and administrative actions issued across every state licensing board to spot issues before they impact patients.

Say hello to Passport.

Verify every license and credential for every provider and employee directly at the primary source, up to every day.

Seamlessly integrate our license and exclusion monitoring data directly into your HRIS for actionable results.

Know when every license and credential is expiring or revoked, and personalize notifications to your workforce.

Always be audit-ready with primary source documentation available for every provider directly in-application.

Seven Questions for Evaluating License Monitoring Efficiency

Not sure where to where to start when evaluating your license monitoring efficiency? Use these seven questions to guide your analysis of how your organization tracks and verifies healthcare licenses.

We’re here to help Human Resources teams grow & succeed.

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