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Spend less time on monitoring. Spend more time developing your people.

Don’t let HR administrative complexity keep you from helping your people grow and succeed.

Never once since we implemented the ProviderTrust system have we had any issues with a provider treating a patient without the proper licensure or credentials.

Kerry L., Director of Human Resources

An Interactive License Monitoring Solution Guide

Not sure where to where to start when considering a new license monitoring and primary source verification process? Explore the interactive guide to learn how a license monitoring solution can provide the most comprehensive end-to-end holistic monitoring with the lowest cost of ownership.

Say hello to Passport.

Verify every license and credential for every provider and employee directly at the primary source, up to every day.

Seamlessly integrate our license and exclusion monitoring data directly into your HRIS for actionable results.

Know when every license and credential is expiring or revoked, and personalize notifications to your workforce.

Always be audit-ready with primary source documentation available for every provider directly in-application.

Resources to help Human Resource teams grow & succeed.

Does Employer need Employee Permission to Monitor for OIG Exclusions?

Employers have an initial Release and Authorization to conduct a pre-employment background check upon hire.  A proper Release will contain additional language that allows the employer to conduct additional searches "during the scope of the employee's tenure" with the company.  The employer is allowed to conduct additional searches without obtaining a new release in the event of a substantiated inquiry into fraud or other illegal activity.

Realize freedom from process to focus on your people.

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