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We can now do what we have been unable to do, with 100% confidence, when it comes to our workforce compliance. I can now sleep at night knowing that we are providing the best care with the most qualified providers.

Angi L., Sr. Director of Compliance

Improve your compliance program with a trusted partner.

Monitoring your healthcare populations creates operational complexity and financial risk for compliance teams.

Resources required for effective compliance monitoring are limited.

Our estimates show that it takes up to hundreds of hours every month to monitor even just a handful of employees for exclusions and verify all false positives. It’s no secret that this manual verification is prone to error and risk. Realize freedom from a manual process and reallocate your team’s time.

Changing regulations make it hard to maintain compliance.

We all know healthcare is constantly changing when it comes to legislation and auditing requirements. We help compliance professionals grow and succeed with advanced reporting solutions and free educational resources.

Operational compliance risk can be tough to identify.

How are you mapping the risks within your organization and keeping each facility accountable? Learn how to create a system of checks and balances.

Fines and penalties create a devastating effect on your organization.

Civil fines and penalties can be assessed by the OIG with more than $20,000 per each item claimed or services provided, plus treble damages. Reduce your risk with a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Say hello to Passport.

Find sanctions and exclusions faster with direct matches.

Reduce time and errors with automation.

Our matching algorithms spot federal and state exclusions no one else can.

Always be audit-ready.

Six Tips for Navigating Continuous Change

As organizations work to adapt to a quickly changing market, some processes and behaviors will be altered for the long term, and some will continue to adapt. Get the tip sheet and learn how to help your compliance department adjust to continued change.

Resources to help Compliance teams grow & succeed.

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