Monitor First Tier, Downstream, and Related Entities

Identify, qualify, and manage all first tier, downstream, and related entities across your vendor network to meet Medicare Advantage Requirements.

an illustration of the providertrust platform showing fdr compliance
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Continuous, Verified Vendor Monitoring to Ensure Compliance




Set Business Rules to Identify and Prioritize Your Risk Management

Visibility to all of your FDRs in one place
One centralized platform to visualize, manage, and monitor all of your First Tier, Downstream, and Related Entities from one dashboard.
Meet OIG, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare/Medicaid requirements
Our compliance monitoring service is fully automated with exact-match results, ensuring your vendor compliance program meets federal and state requirements.
an illustration of the providertrust platform showing requirements for fdrs across multiple organizations
illustration of woman using providertrust platform to manage FDRs

Enroll, Monitor, and Manage FDRs from One Place

Store and manage attestations in one centralized location
Annual owner attestations are a Medicare Advantage requirement for first-tier, downstream and related entities. With our solution, your vendor owners will be prompted to submit their attestations when they enroll and update them every year.
Verified results to reduce your compliance risk
Most healthcare organizations are missing critical data on their vendors. Our vendor enrollment process improves your data integrity by requiring updated information for each vendor.

Integrate Compliance into Your Payments Workflows

Ensure compliance before you pay your vendor
Say goodbye to cutting checks to non-compliant vendors. Our service identifies the vendors that are most risky and non-compliant, driving better compliance results.
Engineered for security and scalability
We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of data security. Our monitoring service is SOC II and NCQA-certified, helping you meet vendor security requirements with ease.
an illustration of a vendor shown as compliant through monitoring
ProviderTrust for Partners

A New Wave of Connectivity is Here

Open new revenue streams to grow your business through strategic integration of healthcare’s leader in Compliance Intelligence.
“Compliance within the healthcare space is crucial. Ensuring our vendor partners meet federal and state compliance requirements is an integral part of our risk management operations at Meharry. VendorProof allows us to easily monitor state and federal exclusion lists, the likes of GSA/SAM and Medicaid, in order to establish that our vendor network is safe and fraud-free. Vendor monitoring is one of the many ways that we commit to our core value of integrity without exception.”

Ronette Adams-Taylor

Associate General Counsel & Director of Compliance and Risk Management

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