Effectively Manage Job-Specific Credentials for Providers

Design and define job-specific requirements unique to every provider, ensuring continuous eligibility and compliance.
an illustration of the providertrust platform showing requirements not met for a specific employee
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Intelligently Connecting HR and Compliance for Every Job Title




Set the Job-Specific Credentials Needed for Every Position

Define the credentials needed for every position
We’ll create a custom job requirements policy within our application that makes sure every provider has the exact credentials you need to deliver care up to your standards.
Easily identify which providers are missing credentials
One in 8 providers is typically missing a credential or certification that you’ve defined as necessary. We’ll identify exactly which providers are missing which items, closing the gap between “should have” and “do have.”
an illustration of the providertrust platform showing requirements both met and unmet for a specific employee
an illustration of the providertrust platform showing requirement standing for employees across multiple organizations

Centrally Manage Your Organization’s Licenses and Credentials

Monitor licenses, certifications, and registrations in one platform
One monitoring platform to manage, monitor, and verify every type of healthcare credential, from Physical Therapy licenses to BLS certificates and everything in between.
Access real-time reporting on expired or missing credentials
Easily prioritize missing credential issues to work with your providers and schedulers to ensure licenses are captured, monitored, and verified as active and in good-standing.

Automated, Ongoing Monitoring of Your Entire Workforce

License, credential monitoring and verification designed to scale
Our NCQA-accredited continuous compliance monitoring and primary source verification ensures that every provider has the required credentials to serve your patients.
Ensure provider eligibility with confidence

From one dashboard, know that every provider across your organization is properly credentialed and licensed, is in good standing, and is eligible to deliver care.

an illustration of the providertrust platform showing requirements for employees across multiple organizations
For Developers

Seamless Integrations Designed to Scale

An API that unlocks the power and sophistication of our entire compliance monitoring platform instantly, enabling real-time access to a decade of historical data and insights.

  • Integrate with your EMR, HRIS, or claims processing system via API
  • Explore bi-directional integrations via SFTP for HRIS workflows
“They're not a company that wants to give you a run-of-the-mill product. Their product is designed so that if they have to meet special needs for your company, it does that and it's wonderful.”

Anita Tipton

Sr. Compliance Specialist

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