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You have the best-in-class exclusion monitoring tool. Now, verify, monitor, and manage licenses and credentials all within your Passport account.

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Healthcare licensing requirements are changing fast as agencies, boards, and health systems adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Can your license management solution keep up and protect you for the future? 

Smarter License Monitoring

License Monitoring You Can Trust

Our license monitoring verifies credentials at the primary source, continuously. Easily configure your organization’s license monitoring policies to verify caregivers are properly credentialed, as frequently as every day. If there’s an issue with someone’s license, you’ll know immediately, and can take the appropriate actions.

Stay Audit and Survey Ready

Our license verification process provides you with time-stamped screenshots from the primary source, ensuring you can meet any future audit or survey request. Easily create license verification history reports to show license status at any given time. 

Ensure Providers are Qualified

Rest assured that every provider has the active licenses and credentials your organization requires for each job code. Map your organization’s credential requirements into Passport and see whether expiring credentials are required or preferred, allowing your team to easily prioritize the most pressing issues. 

Better Eligibility Insights

By adding license monitoring in your Passport account, you get all your compliance and eligibility insights in one place. See a holistic view of caregivers: from exclusions, to disciplinary actions, to license status. Learn even more with add on features like OFAC, Medicare Opt-Out, and Social Security Death Master File. 

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Spot Fraud Faster
Primary Source Verification
Verify every license and credential for every provider and employee directly at the primary source, up to every day.
Audit-Ready Reports
Always be audit-ready with primary source documentation available for every provider directly in-application.
HRIS Integrations
Seamlessly integrate our license and exclusion monitoring data directly into your HRIS for actionable results.
Fast-tracked Onboarding
Since your organization is already in Passport, we can have you up and going in no time.

License Monitoring Solution Checklist

What should you consider when looking to upgrade your license monitoring solution or evaluate your current process? Use our handy checklist to measure your current solution, draft an RFP, or compare options for your team. This checklist covers:
  • Essential verification components
  • Optimal workflow features
  • Considerations during an RFP or selection process

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