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Sanction Screening FAQs

A healthcare sanction is issued by a state professional license board against an individual’s license. It involves an administrative action taken against an individual.

State professional licensing boards issue sanctions against an individual for a variety of reasons. Sanctions can also be applied to varying degrees in regard to federal healthcare programs both at the state and national level. Certain individuals can become excluded from receiving federal reimbursement for a number of sanctions, including license revocations, disciplinary actions related to patient abuse or controlled substance abuse, and more.

The term “sanction” can be confusing as it is a term used to describe a disciplinary action taken against an individual’s license and also used by HHS OIG and SAM.gov as another term for exclusion. An exclusion is considered the highest level of a sanction as it relates to guidance from the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG).

Once an individual or entity is excluded at the federal level, they will appear on the HHS OIG LEIE and are no longer eligible to receive payment from federal healthcare programs. Many times, individuals are excluded based on a license revocation from a state board. In fact, 43% of all exclusions found on the OIG LEIE began as a license revocation.

Sanctions or disciplinary actions issued by a state licensing board often represent an administrative action against an individual that may represent a danger to patient safety and quality of care at your organization. Continuous sanction screening is recommended to ensure any providers that deliver care to patients are in good standing, both with the appropriate licensing boards and with your organization’s standard of quality care.

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