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Comprehensive Sanctions Screening by ProviderTrust

Adding our comprehensive sanctions screening package to your Passport account identifies potential compliance issues before they impact patients.

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A smarter healthcare
makes a safer healthcare

Validate Your Referring Providers

Get the Full Picture of Each Provider

Your Passport exclusions account ensures you already know if one of your providers is excluded. But comprehensive sanction screening provides a more thorough explanation of what happened leading up to an exclusion, and builds a complete profile for each provider.

Holistic Provider Monitoring

More Than 3,000 State Boards

We automate your sanction screening for every provider across thousands of online databases and offline documents. From substance abuse to patient negligence, we’ll ensure compliance risks don’t fly under your radar.

Abuse Registry Coverage

Discover Fraudulent Activity Sooner

Is someone being less-than-truthful about their work history during the pre-hire process? With ongoing comprehensive sanctions monitoring, our system catches bad actors who could be using a different license or do not meet the requirements for privileging or employment. Our smarter data delivers exact-match results unique to each provider.

Ensure Quality Care

Easy to Upgrade

Upgrading to comprehensive sanctions screening is simple and quick. We can activate more than 3,000 monitoring sources without needing any changes in the files you upload to Passport. See administrative and disciplinary actions alerts for your entire Passport population, or specific segments.

Sanctions Screening Checklist

Are you missing some key sanctions sources in your ProviderTrust account?

Evaluate your organization’s monitoring coverage against ProviderTrust best practice.

Learn more about healthcare sanctions

Get more out of your ProviderTrust account with our comprehensive sanctions monitoring.

Add Sanctions Screening

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