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Vendor Onboarding FAQ

We will communicate with your vendors primarily via direct mail, email and digital marketing. Some vendors will also receive calls from our VendorCare to confirm contact information. We’re happy to work with your organization’s marketing or communications team to align messaging and brand standards.

Vendor onboarding is the process of collecting documents and information from a supplier or service provider to ensure they meet internal and external requirements. The information collected during onboarding includes payment information, risk surveys, ownership attestations, and FDR identification.

Yes, the VendorProof portal allows you to deliver new compliance requirements to your vendor network.

First Tier, Downstream, and Related Entities (FDRs) are defined by CMS as any party that enters into a written arrangement with a Medicare Advantage organization or Part D plan sponsor to provide administrative services or healthcare related services.

As a healthcare provider, this means that your vendors may be considered FDRs and you may be responsible for monitoring and auditing their compliance with CMS standards as a Medicare Advantage participant.

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