Smarter Compliance Monitoring Across All of Your Populations


Exclusion monitoring and license verification are critical tools for ensuring compliance, program integrity, and patient safety. It’s vital to continuously monitor all primary sources at both the federal and state levels to guarantee the most qualified providers are caring for your patients. ​

The High Cost of a Low-Quality License Verification Process

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Verifying healthcare licenses can be extremely complex and time-consuming, especially if it’s done through manual processes. Is your organization’s license monitoring process a manual one or does it involve multiple systems that don’t talk to each other? Learn more about what a low-quality license verification process could be costing your organization.

Compliance Monitoring Trend Report


Healthcare compliance monitoring has long been a siloed process owned by small compliance teams. But the changes in healthcare and ways of working in the last year have led forward-looking healthcare organizations to rethink critical data flows for employed and contracted providers.

How Smarter Exclusion Monitoring Contributes to Safer Care

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In this webinar, we explore how smarter OIG and State Medicaid exclusion monitoring can result in a safer healthcare experience for everyone. Learn how your organization can better protect some of healthcare’s most vulnerable patient populations and connect compliance monitoring success back to patients.

Data Enrichment of OIG Exclusion Lists Prompts Dismissed Investigation

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OIG exclusion list monitoring is critical for healthcare organizations. But sometimes, excluded providers can go undetected for years. In this post, we explore how our data enrichment strategy caught a previously undetected exclusion that impressed the OIG enough for them to drop an investigation against our client.